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Southern Sanitarium


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55 minutes ago, Grayman said:

I hate S va and western NC. They have no idea how living the the Sandhills is. 

But you should realize by now that  it is tough to get a good snow in your area. It is rare for a good size storm in the hills there. 

Just now, Sandstorm94 said:

Or the SC lowcountry

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I wouldnt expect any snow if I lived in the low country.  I mean it is pretty far south and it is even more rare to get some snow there. What's your average there .1" per season?

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26 minutes ago, wncsnow said:

In my location in WNC, I have seen snowless or nearly snowless winters in 5 of the past 15 years so it's not like Buffalo. 

I understand but man Rockingham is the worse. Too far south , east and sometimes west. All I need is a southern slider to miss me to the east and they will put in The sanitarium permanently lol

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4 minutes ago, buckeyefan1 said:

What is up with all the va folks here? I can kinda understand those near the border, but this is the south not the MA :huh:

VA is part of the South. Moreover, there are people who argue NC or Portions of it are in the MA. It’s subjective identity. No harm to be inclusive 

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I think we can go ahead and stick a fork in this one for western NC, the Euro has crapped the bed on this one.  I want snow IMBY as much as anyone but when every model except the euro is showing Raleigh east at this range it's time to listen.  Congrats to the folks down east who haven't gotten in on the fun.  The 18z 84 hour NAM doesn't change my mind either.  

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