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Jan 31st CAD event


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2 minutes ago, BornAgain13 said:

Ended up with a solid coating from that finger of Snow. Temperature at 31.1

Yea temps really took a tumble after that snow. 28.6/27 here now. I wonder if skies do open up just a tick like blue ridge alluded to down his way and we can shave 1-2 degrees off this.

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Just now, AirNelson39 said:

Temp steady at 33, the dusting from earlier is gone. Looking like 33 and rain overnight. Weather apps have done a great job nailing the temps here. NWS forecasts aren’t looking good for NW Piedmont.

Different world here just 45 mins to your west in McDowell. Hovering below 30 with an inch+ still on the ground 

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Not sure if we got snow, sleet or rain, the ground is damp and it was 36* when the precip was falling. It is tough to tell in these LED streetlamps.  I miss the old orange color ones, easier to tell. 

But we were on the southern end of the band of precip that moved through anyway so it wasnt going to amount to anything here


Off to shut eye land




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As of 1045 PM EST: Guidance still on track for a sfc low now
over the mid-MS Valley to pass by as a Miller B-type low pressure
system tonight and to our east Sunday. Forcing and deep moisture
ramp up quickly near midnight with precip spreading across the
area before daybreak. Forecast soundings and partial thickness
values still suggest a typical, messy Miller B p-type forecast
for this system. Temps aloft wet bulb down below freezing before
a warm nose kicks in and strengthens late tonight into Sunday. An
in situ wedge should form as precip falls, bringing temps down to
near or below freezing across the Winter Storm Warning and Winter
Wx Advisory area. In light of the earlier WAA-driven precip band
that traversed the area, which threw temp/dewpoint trends a little
out of whack wrt the forecast, revised those trends overnight per
recent meso model output. The most remarkable overall change is
generally warmer temps and dewpoints roughly along and just north
of I-85, which had the effect of minimizing wintry precip in that
area. QPF trended down slightly as well. That said, a pocket of
cooler air possibly associated with the wedge has settled in over
the mountains; meso models that have picked up on that still show
some warming/moistening with onset of precip in the next 2-3 hrs.

Since it is an in situ wedge, the cold temps will not be locked in
and will warm around the edges through the morning with all areas
above freezing by afternoon. Precip still expected to start as snow
and sleet in the colder air then slowly change to freezing rain and
rain as the warm nose strengthens and cold pool erodes. No changes
warranted to the existing headlines; could possibly have dropped
part of the Advisory for lower accums due to the warmer temps,
but some isolated issues may result from the light amounts during
the transition period overnight.

Precip should become all rain by early afternoon. Sunday`s highs
will show a typical Cold Air Damming pattern with 30s to low
40s common outside of the mountains and along the Blue Ridge
escarpment. Highs will rise to the lower 50s going westward to
the lower valleys near the TN border.


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2 hours ago, FLweather said:

Not trolling.

This is not a proper miller b storm. Anybody with enough common sense without a met tag can tell that this setup is not favorable.

We take what we can get outside of the mountains!  Noone is wishcasting. Might we just enjoy this storm without you interfering? We always hope until the clouds break in these parts. Thanks for your insight! 

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Just woke up here. Looked on my nest camera to see what happened overnight. Could see the driveway start caving for good around 330ish. Eyeballing it out there have about 4” and counting. Very nice and scenic. Getting ready for first cup of coffee and will report back. 29.1 outside 

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