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  1. I may have missed this, but how was it possible for the NWS in Massachusetts never raised north central CT above WWA but towns there reported over 15"?
  2. Thank you for your hard work, Grit. Don't look back....keep doing what you're doing!
  3. Great site. Wondering how they managed to leave North Carolina (Raleigh or Charlotte) off their "local" options when they have Nashville, TN?
  4. Remarkable photos, Eyewall. Thanks for sharing these. 16" up here in the provinces. Ended with some sleet and frz rain. Overall, a great storm for us. 95% snow, temps steady between 29 and 31...started at 400A and lasted until at least midnight...20 hours basically.
  5. 2.2" in 2 hours. 27F. Temp fallen 3F in the last few hours. Fine snow, moderate rates.
  6. Heavy powdery snow. DP 24. Temp 31.7. Gusty winds.
  7. I guess I'm north of you in Granville. Nothing here. DP is 23, temp 32. Breezy.
  8. I was genuinely surprised to see 7 - 13 for us as well. Consistency between Blacksburg and RAH is unusual. We are at the point where RNK, AKQ, and RAH meet. AKQ has 3- 5.
  9. So, if you live in Person, Granville, Vance, and Warren for example, snow totals will be determined by the state line. I don't disagree with the assessment, but the graphic needs work.
  10. From the talking heads on TV WX and the RAH NWS office, if you live east and south of Roxboro, it will be a cold rain. They appear to be about as entrenched in their forecast as the models appear to be saying they are wrong. It's like a battle of wills. P.S. Amazing posts from everyone here since starting earlier this week. Looking forward to the post-storm forensics!