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  1. Nada in Butner (southern Granville County)
  2. Spoke too soon -- light sleet and snow flurries in Butner.
  3. Northern Durham and southern Granville Counties in a No-Snow-Hole
  4. I don't want to throw cold water on this - I want snow as much as anyone, but... RAH is very skeptical. Of course, this was posted before 5AM, but how much has changed to challenge their logic? While many models continue to indicate the possibility of some rather impressive snowfall accumulations, still thinking accumulations and overall impacts will remain far less than the numbers that the raw model solutions keep pushing out. Several limiting factors will be at work, including: (1.) Persistent above freezing surface temperatures that will help temper/melt the majority of the snowfall. (2.) 10:1 snow to liquid ratios are not likely in an event like this, expect closer to 5:1 or even less than that. (3.) The parent high remains in an unfavorable climatological location for delivery of efficient cold air. While there is some indication that the high may break off to our north becoming a bit more favorable, thinking that we`ll need to rely on a stronger than anticipated bombing coastal low to truly get the cold air in place in-time for a significant snowfall event. Another possibility would be the presence of lower than anticipated surface dewpoints in place Thursday afternoon and evening across central NC, which will promote a more lucrative wet-bulb effect. A more reasonable, way-to-early forecast would be closer to an inch on grassy and elevated surfaces along and southeast of the I-95 corridor with a half inch or so measured up to about the Triangle region. Elsewhere an exciting trace amount would be prevalent.
  5. I may have missed this, but how was it possible for the NWS in Massachusetts never raised north central CT above WWA but towns there reported over 15"?
  6. Thank you for your hard work, Grit. Don't look back....keep doing what you're doing!
  7. Great site. Wondering how they managed to leave North Carolina (Raleigh or Charlotte) off their "local" options when they have Nashville, TN?
  8. Remarkable photos, Eyewall. Thanks for sharing these. 16" up here in the provinces. Ended with some sleet and frz rain. Overall, a great storm for us. 95% snow, temps steady between 29 and 31...started at 400A and lasted until at least midnight...20 hours basically.
  9. 2.2" in 2 hours. 27F. Temp fallen 3F in the last few hours. Fine snow, moderate rates.
  10. Heavy powdery snow. DP 24. Temp 31.7. Gusty winds.