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Mid to Long Term Discussion 2017


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7 minutes ago, packbacker said:

Good...last thing we want past day 4 is models to show snow.  SLP spread looks good day 5-6 though.  

You're right - should have checked that! Still surprised to not have any members with snowfall given the favorable trends with LP placement. HP placement near WI is also coalescing with less variance. All good trends it seems.


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5 minutes ago, Brick Tamland said:

Trends look more positive now, just hope it continues that way. Still a ways to go. Maybe we will see that phase on the models as we get closer. Would be nice to have one more winter storm to track this winter. 

6z GFS para has two other interesting looks after this one - maybe one of them will come through for us

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1 minute ago, Cold Rain said:

Yep...everybody wants a phase, but I don't think we know what we're really asking for.  A phase is nice and all, but it usually happens a little too far west for most to enjoy snow.  We need a phase over NE FL!

Yeah...if it's a big phased up beast storm then we are screwed.  But mountains up through MA to NE would like...



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Just now, griteater said:

Euro trended west with the northern stream diving down...but southern wave was farther north.  We need northern stream not only west, but south as well (colder)...and need southern wave south and strong.  Blend of all 12z runs is decent...gives us a chance

How does the euro look for southern va? Rain to Snow?

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