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  1. You know, I read this a lot on this board but therein lies the rub. If we have more cold air accompanied by a strong HP, it seems to push the moisture SE with it and we get a weak under-performing, unimpressive, strung out mess. Those of us that live in central NC can't seem to win either way. I remember the big snows around here when I was young but it seems like the last several years we can't even buy one.
  2. Yeah. We're close enough to the storm that it's time to start looking closer at the higher resolution models.
  3. Does anyone know whether the "Snow Depth" output or the "Kuchera" output on the model maps is more accurate? It's very confusing because the Snow Depth output is often more than the "Kuchera" output for the same time period. Are they just 2 separate methods that are calculated differently or are they supposed to be related somehow? Any ideas from you veterans?
  4. I agree. The EPS shifted further NW and I put more stock in it than the operational Euro.
  5. If the JMA is right my neighbor Cold Rain and I will be watching a cold rain. That's not a good track for central NC. Too close to the coast.
  6. Everybody just loves to trash the NAM but it is excellent with sniffing out a warm nose. It hasn't missed one yet in the last 5+ years for MBY. Don't discount it. That would be very unwise.
  7. It's really hard to beat climo but hopefully the NAM is overly amped up.
  8. +1
  9. .5 -1 inch.
  10. NAM may be on to something with the higher QPF amounts. Euro was "wetter" across NC in general. Hopefully this is a trend.
  11. Gives you about 1 - 2 inches.
  12. We don't hear that often around here.