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  1. Past 5 -enso’s with BN temps for Nov in the east. 12/13 sucked down here but had a couple of light events. Others were good though. Pattern matches up well with how this Nov will end up.
  2. Upcoming pattern does look like Nov 62...good omen?
  3. Octobers of some of the warmest nina winters. Guess how this Oct started and what model prog's look like.
  4. My summer grass will soon just be called grass. My bermuda is as green as it was back in July. That's one positive too all this, won't have to worry about my bermuda turning brown anytime soon. Sick of the min lows being in the 70's...we should be touching the 40's by now...hopefully by January we will see that.
  5. LOL...holy smokes...literally.
  6. Deja vu of last winter. As they say...writing is on the wall for this winter.
  7. Looks great for west of 77.
  8. Its ticking east some per the GFS. Looks like w-NC down to your area gets big rains. ColdRain and I get some scraps.
  9. UK has been the most consistent model, has what looks to be high end TS or low Cat 1. Nice QPF min over ColdRain and myself...seems right. Mack get's good rains again...as usual.
  10. LOL...yep considering I haven't had any precip in weeks. This appears to miss my our area well to our west but should get a large area a couple of inches of rain at least.
  11. Biggest cluster is between Mobile and Panama City. Looks like this could be another TS that's very impactful to GA again.
  12. Crazy to see the differences between GFS/Euro at day 3-4. Would think the Euro. ticks a little west at 12z. Edit: Looks like UK is right in the middle of the GFS/Euro at day 4, just east of Mobile.
  13. You know things are bleak when we are hoping volcanic eruptions lowers global temps. Though I hope it doesn’t erupt.
  14. PDO is over rated...lates 50’s to the 80’s was predominantly negative and that our highest snowfall average ever.
  15. PDO looks to be negative...things may get warm this winter.