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  1. FWIW....Weeklies still show early Feb back to AK ridging and shows building poleward. Keeps it through end of Feb too.
  2. Can we get this to dig down to TX then swing through
  3. Warm rain isn't exciting? I think it's great. got some nice 60F showers today. Will have to cut the AC on tonight. You guys (GSP to CLT to GSO) always rock's coming.
  4. Past few runs the EPS has gotten the surface low a little further SE towards the carolina's...
  5. Be nice if the EPS would get some green colors going on tomorrows run. Nice event for the NE.
  6. 12z EPS definitely trended better with the h5 low trying to dig further southwest. Had maybe a dozen members with some snow for eastern NC, though most are light. The control run was a little more beefy then the Op.
  7. Hah...we have been on a snow diet of late so any little cracker crumb of snow is going to be legit. Last week was nice...I had probably 1.5" and it was all snow, really cold, I actually swept it off my driveway. Give me one more of those and it will be a great winter.
  8. No complaints...solid event for us. Would happily take a dusting next week.
  9. We got our biggest snowfall in 3 years.:.officially it was 0.9”.
  10. Euro with a I-95 special in NC 2-4”. Gets 2” almost to ColdRain. Primarily a NS low dropping down, but there is some southern energy that is trying to join in.
  11. Sat through end of next week looks really cold. Hopefully it’s just a couple of weeks of AN.
  12. This is an impressive cut-off on the Euro and look at that block
  13. Last week was a nice event, was nice to get a few hours of accumulating snow. Any snow is nice, realize times have changed big snows don’t occur here anymore. Havent seen Red, will check it out.
  14. We already got an 1” of snow...Raleigh doesn’t do multiple events in a winter. Bring on 70’s.