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Found 139 results

  1. It saddens me to say that my snow thrower, White Out will made his final cut last night. It was fitting that in a season where he went un-used up until last night that his final run was for a good ole fashioned, days of yore, 15" storm. White Out was purchased 20 years ago this year at a now non-existent small engine shop in Canton, Mass. He has helped me through some of the toughest winters in both the Boston area as well as here in Connecticut, including the unforgettable winter of 2014/15 where he carved his way through 100" of pure joy. He has also been there for the down times...always waiting, and wanting to sink his teeth into a new coating of white gold...Including the infamous winter of 2011/2012...A bleak moment in SNE winter history, but also stark reminder that Mother Nature holds all of the cards. And if she says snow ain't comin' then it ain't comin' and there's nothing you can do about it. Sometimes we didn't always get along, like the numerous occasions where I pushed him hard to clear many inches of plow driven man snow away from the base of the driveway. There were also those days where I waited too long after a storm and found myself forcing him to cut into a frozen pack. But we were good together, and good for each other. Through the good and the bad White Out was always reliable...always there for me...always eager to serve. Even though he was never excited about the gravel driveway, I knew that he was just a new sheer pin away from happiness. Now, as I move on it is time for White Out and me to go our separate ways. I will be giving him to a friend who needs him. This new situation will be perfect as WO is beginning to show his age. He will be given an easy, double wide, flat asphalt driveway to clear. No more stones caught in the auger...No more pot holes and rugged terrain...No more doubling back, multiple times to clear huge swaths of driveway, and no more tough, bumpy, uphill climbs...No more parked in an exposed lean-to, covered with a tarp, with the wind whipping at your chute. Here's to you my friend. I hope you continue to satisfy your need to feed, while living a long and fruitful life at your new home. Take care Pics of last nights final cut...
  2. One storm at a time. Should be fun overnight and wind down Saturday morning. Thank you for participating-contributing.
  3. Northern edge of another mediocre snowfall (period of snow) should be somewhere just north of I80. Better chance 1"+ I78 region.
  4. Looks like the first of several snow or snow to ice-rain events over the next two weeks. This first probably has its southern edge of snow accum somewhere near I78 or I80, with the bulk of 1"+NYS-Southern New England. Flurries could begin Wednesday late morning-early afternoon but the bulk should occur very early Thursday morning.
  5. Here is our 2019 February winter thread. I hope February is a month to remember for all of us across the forum in regards to wintry weather. We have a lot of moving pieces directing our February outlook so here’s to hoping we can start to get more clarity as we go forward. MJO is moving through phase 5 but it should be in phase 6 within the next few days so hopefully that translates well for us going forward.
  6. I in Wantage may not be able to post til ~230P. Have at it. Another mess. Posting some graphics by 7A, on the 20-21 Threat thread, to look back tomorrow and see performance.
  7. Hi! Looks like a nice little event coming tonight into Monday, with some banding, especially se NYS-CT where all snow likely.
  8. Can we get another one to break in our favor in a bad pattern? Fast flow with lots of shortwaves going to make for jumpy forecasts.
  9. If the moderators feel the current thread on discussing the threat is sufficient then just discard this. I'll probably have something to start this around 5A or 6A/12.
  10. Good Monday morning, Hopefully this thread will be useful for the cold frontal passage (wave) snowfall expected Tuesday and Tues night. Most of the snow accumulation should occur 5PM-Midnight when strongest vertical velocity occurs in a snow sounding. I dropped the remainder at 815A. Keeping it simple. Thanks for all the obs already.
  11. If I crash and burn... I crash and burn... But I think it is now warranted for this
  12. Virtually all current disco pertains to January at this point, so it's time to fire up the January pattern thread. The Euro weeklies say the potential is there. The cold Nov/cold January is a pretty consistent match. So game on as we move into the heart of winter in the valley. Which I consider our prime winter frame to be Jan 15th-Feb 15th. Our coldest temps and most snow will usually fall in that window. Let's hope the pattern gets right as we head towards prime time.
  13. Would like to keep this an observations only thread of what will be an interesting 18 hour winter storm 5P today-2P Sunday, with potentially high impact (damaging power outage) glaze from somewhere near or just n of I-80 in nw NJ/ne PA northward to I-84, after a front end snow/sleet combo prior to midnight.
  14. Wantage NJ 4 sw 740'MSL (8mi S of High Point NJ). Snow acc roughly 10P-450A 0.8" densely packed broomable snow. roads being plowed now. am aware of 1 school delay far NNJ at this time. T 22.8 here with very small flake snow falling at this time (458AM)
  15. I'm already at my low... Currently 32...
  16. Have fun, time to see if I keep batting 1.000
  17. The month of December is almost upon us so we figured it was time to create a December winter thread. Looks like it could be a cold month with possible time frames that may support good conditions for winter storms. Let the breakdown begin! BTW Go VOLS today, #beatmizzou
  18. Observations (measured) of freezing rain, sleet and snow for the Sunday December 16 event. May help NWS and media alike. Thanks, Walt
  19. Ok kids, preseason is over. Winter is here
  20. "Fate often spares an undoomed man, if his courage is good." --Beowulf, Book VIII, lines 572-3. Models seem set on a Gulf low with a banana High. The beginning of the storm over TX is in NAM range (stronger and further south with the High).Can we get the mid levels to wobble in just the right way? The WPC gives us all we could ask for at the surface at Day 4 in December, whatever ends up happening: EDIT to add in the end of the KMRX discussion this AM: "At this range some of the details are unclear, but it does look as if the potential for wintry precipitation Friday night and through much of the weekend is possible/probable. Details on ptype timing/transition and precipitation totals will become more clear over the upcoming days as this system is still over the Pacific and not being observed in the RAOB network at this time."
  21. Less than a week out and all indicies show both Carolinas getting something... So let's bring this one all the way home
  22. See obs in the storm thread, so we need an obs thread. Snow has fallen in various parts of the forum today, especially Western areas. Hopefully the 12z models are at the correct solution and this is a thread and obs archive I'm reading during hot summer days. Currently imby 38 degrees, dp 31.
  23. Rain, sleet, snow, thunderstorms, regional climate, jet stream, La Niña, El Niño, polar vortex, ice pack, ETC. anything that can have an affect on the two seasons in question is up for analysis and debate. Our forum is one of the best at informing and teaching people as well as conversing with friends. Let’s try to keep that going with this thread, and don’t forget a lot of people come to our threads just to learn. As we have some very talented professional and novice Mets on our board. Let the speculation begin!
  24. I just realized that we need an observation thread for Fall. With the remnants of Flo approaching, though it might not be a bad idea to get the Fall obs thread rolling. What is left of Florence looks like it might be a rainmaker(within norms) for the eastern Valley. Wind advisories are hoisted for the mountains. Western NC is under a flood watch. Rivers that flow from NC such as the French Broad and Nolichucky may flood in TN due to rain in North Carolina.
  25. First storm tracking of the season. Let’s hope we all get some snow out of this.