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  1. 8am: 0.5" (currently mod snow/ blowing snow) Herndon, VA.
  2. @WinterWxLuvr making me feel tingly with his reports.
  3. Yeah. Do you see the moon right now? Basically dead overhead.
  4. from LWX afternoon disco: The combination of moderate to heavy snowfall and very high winds could produce localized near blizzard conditions tomorrow morning, making conditions very hazardous for travel. A Blizzard Warning was considered, but confidence wasn`t high enough in the quarter mile visibility requirement being met for three hours straight. Brief snowfall rates of 1-2 inches per hour can`t be ruled out for within the aforementioned intense frontogenetic snowfall band tomorrow morning. The greatest opportunity for this to occur in the metro areas would be between 8 and 11 AM. Steady snow will gradually wind down from west to east during the early to middle portions of tomorrow afternoon.
  5. That's my favorite video from that event. The day Cedar Rapids, Iowa became 'Rapids, Iowa'.
  6. IAD with a 44kt (51mph) wind gust. RMK AO2 PK WND 19044/1600 T02330128
  7. Marginal temps yada yada... I'm kind of surprised there's no thread for this yet considering that ,especially, northwestern areas could definitely see a burst of snow w/ some accumulations possible.
  8. IAD already gusting up to 42kts(48mph). METAR KIAD 071452Z 20027G42KT 10SM CLR 22/13 A2982 RMK AO2 PK WND 20042/1451 SLP097 T02170133 58019
  9. Perhaps we get our first MRGL of the year?....
  10. Happy four year anniversary to all!
  11. Happy Meteorological Spring to ya skaliwags!
  12. SPC risk days in Washington, DC 2022: SLGT+ Days: 22 (One of these days featured a macroburst with max winds est. 125mph through the Rockville area) ENH+ Days: 8 (One of these days brought an 81mph wind gust to DCA) MDT+ Days: 3 (one flop, one overperformer with tornadoes (strongest being an EF-3 w/ 165mph)) HIGH Days: 1 (over performer with significant winds comparable to the Cedar Rapids Derecho of 2020)
  13. I should have mentioned this before the melting but... When measuring ice accretion on twigs/small branches remember... Measure the amount of ice on top of the branch and also the amount of ice (not icicles) hanging under the branch add the two measurements up then divide by 2. Ex: 0.2" ice on top of twig with 0.1" of non-icicle ice below the twig gets you (0.2+0.1)/2 = 0.3/2 = 0.15" of ice accretion
  14. Got a few raindrops 20-30 minutes ago in Herndon. Wonder if we see rain/sleet?
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