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May obs/discussion thread - Welcome to Severe Season!!


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17 minutes ago, Torch Tiger said:

Yeah not jumping on wet/wild outcomes, just hoping there's a few decent showers. gfs has a wound up/closed ML low as well.

True, in winter folks would be trying to focus on mid-levels at this point, while QPF queens get weenied.

If anything QPF maps in the warm season will be worse given the convection and forcing mechanisms.

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2 hours ago, Damage In Tolland said:

Probably the best Mayorch of our lives minus no rains. What a spring 


The lack of rain this early isn't great. A lot of smokey skies, dead vegetation, and brush fires if it doesn't change

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I'd really like to take some time someday and dig around to see how well the NBM fares compared to MAV/MET. Tomorrow night could be a real fun example to look at. Tomorrow night all about radiation I suppose. Here are some differences

         MAV, MET, NBM

BTV: 31/32/35

BDL: 36/32/36

BOS: 41/42/43

EWR: 42/43/47

CON: 27/26/32

TAN: 29/30/36

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