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January/February Mid/Long Range Disco IV: A New Hope


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How many pages in total do all of the main discussions have with no snow to show? Has got to be some sort of record ratio I would think.

Just so you know I wasn’t trying to insult ya! Was going off Simpson lore lol.

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6 minutes ago, mappy said:

This goes to everyone, if you’re tired of posts made by others here, please put them on ignore. Scroll by posts who reply to those people. I assure you it makes reading much better when you do vs attacking. And it helps those of us just trying to read, learn, and follow along without having to bear witness to in-fighting daily. Please, and thank you.

I posted this in banter, but would like to share it here too. Thanks for reading. 

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I bet ya $20 it won't snow all winter... How's that for phantom knowledge? We now are entering the same climate zone as Hattiesburg MS. Bring on the southern belles!

You already lost that bet. It snowed here yesterday morning. Bi**h, pay me.
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