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  1. Snow on the ground... Snow falling as we speak in the burbs = Win
  2. Finally all snow in Burke- Its been raining for 2 hours. Ripping fatties!
  3. 26/23 Burke, VA - ready for a 1 day special
  4. Did you run into the dry slot tonight? You need to call up DCTeacherman and see if he can give you front end thump with eventual warming
  5. moderate SN in Burke, VA 1/2 inch grassy surfaces
  6. It is warm outside right now. White rain in Fairfax county tomorrow at 34
  7. Thump to dry slot with inevitable warming. Am I the only one who laughed. I guess I am immature. But, it's his favorite way to do events so I am all about it.
  8. huge swath of moisture headed directly for us, wintry mix ahead...