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12/15 - 12/16 Coastal/Winter Storm & Observations


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10 minutes ago, gpsnavigator said:

Notable changeover to mostly all snow and big flakes in the past 20 minutes.  Temp drop to 32.7 and RH up to 95%.  Snow covering all surfaces now.  I think we just got a nudge of evaporational cooling.  We'll see how it plays out.

Started as snow by me but temp was 36. Hopefully  I can drop some lol

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4 minutes ago, wdrag said:

Wantage NJ 4SW 3PM 0.7" on everything except treated roads wet with slightly slushy shoulders. 30.6/29.7. Light north wind.   Think I am too conservative on amounts up here in Sussex County.  

18z HRRR & NAM came in much snowier for these parts. It’s hard to find any piece of guidance that suggest anything under 10” now for western orange county

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I just checked EC... I still feel okay on my SCX amounts. I don't have any members in se NYS so I don't forecast there. 12z EC gives you 6-8 western OC with heavier Sullivan. 

It could be that we get all we are going to get by 10PM down here in NJ...one more good shot late this afternoon-eve here. The the big lift passes by and low lvl mess begins again.   Not tracking you as closely.

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Just drove up from Harlem to Dutchess County.  Raining and 40 degrees down there and rain all the way to Putnam County then it stopped, temp dropped to 36 with light snow.  Got home and figured it would be a degree or two colder here but its 36 with nothing going on at the moment. Temps are pretty uniform from Westchester to up here.  I figured I might have a shot at snow as forecast highs for the entire week were incorrect and I stayed below freezing all week and of course today you can feel the difference. 

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