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NNE Cold Season Thread 2022/2023


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2 hours ago, MRVexpat said:

Is Wunderground misfiring for anyone else? I seem to be able to access the base view but can't select different resolutions or other reflectivities. 

I haven't been able to use that radar in a long while...not sure what happened to it.

Unless there is a trick to it Im missing.

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2 hours ago, tamarack said:

2" here but not much happening now (11:15).  1st inch, measured at 7 AM, had 14:1 ratio.  2nd one was tiny, rimed flakes, likely a much lower ratio.  Current temp 31, up 2° from the 7 AM reading.

"Lower" was understatement - that 2nd inch, heavily rimed flakey things plus some IP, had 0.21" LE for 5:1, ratio for total storm 7:1.  Still some dz, temp right around the freezing mark.

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3000ft… 6”

1500ft… 5.5”

750ft… 4.0” (likely higher when snow stopped but measure when you can.  It’s a very soaking wet 4” left at home.)

Heres the 1500ft stack after some melting.  Might’ve gotten 6” if measured earlier but still a very wet dense slug of snow.  Had to think there was some good QPF in this.

Im convinced it was a pretty widespread 6” snowfall locally (same QPF) had temps been colder but what’s on the ground is a a reflection of above freezing temps this afternoon.

So nice to have everything covered white again.  Good Advisory level snowfall.


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18 hours ago, J.Spin said:

PF, where do you go to get BTV NWS 72-Hour Snowfall Forecast maps like that?  Those sort of longer duration maps would be great for around here with the way we get so many of those multi-day events.  What you’ve posted is a perfect example with back side snow showers possible with this event.

J- They are from the Weather Hazard Briefing page on the NWS BTV site.  Just toggle over to the winter tab and they have a variety of products in there.


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9 hours ago, mreaves said:

2.75” when I measured before I left to bring my car in for tire switchover. Roads are a mess and there are some pingers mixing in. 28.5°

Looks like 3.5" will do it.  I didn't clear today as I was busy so I'm sure there was compaction.  Little bit of crust on top too. 31.2°

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I was up at Bolton Valley this afternoon, so I can pass along some observations.

Here’s the snow depth profile I found in the midafternoon timeframe:

340’: 2-3”

1,000’: 3”

1,500’: 4”

2,000’: 6-7”

2,500’: 7

3,000’: 8-9”

The settled snow depths depended heavily on the underlying surface – grassy areas that insulated the snow from the ground tended to have a couple more inches of depth, so it really seemed like there was some consolidation/melting due to warm ground.

Even at 2,000’ in the Bolton Valley Village area it edged above freezing this afternoon, and it was somewhere in the 2,700’ elevation range where temperatures finally dropped below the freezing mark.  The snow above the point was much less consolidated, so he snow below that elevation is actually better set up to serve as a base.  Liquid equivalent thus far at our site for this storm is 0.70”, so the mountain should be somewhere in that range or higher.

The most notable jump in accumulations was between 1,500’ and 2,000’, and perhaps somewhere between there was when consolidation jumped a lot due to the temperatures.  The increase in depth was really quite slow above 2,000’, and it was hard to see much of a change until I hit the freezing line around 2,700’ – the depth got a bump there because above that point it was still quite dry and hadn’t seen any consolidation.

The freezing line was dropping as the afternoon wore on, and backside snows had started up rather vigorously when I was heading home.  That snowfall appeared to be confined to the higher elevations around here though, because I haven’t seen any back side snows yet here at our site.

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