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  1. Good afternoon for hanging lights outside, didn’t figure I would be able to get it done in a hoody:) 46, moist
  2. I was prepared for the spitting rain this morning, not so much for the 3” of new snow
  3. 0.0” here living in the fringe, I can see blue skies just over the border
  4. Snow globe never stopped. High of 22 with a decent N wind, very December for the last day of November
  5. First sub zero morning, -3 before sunrise. could hear a squirrel fart from fifty yards
  6. Popping tree morning here, still air and 2F just before the sun made it over the hill
  7. The 5F isn't as bad as the blowing pellets against the ace and the gusty winds cutting through the clothes this morning
  8. Backside NW winds humming now, temps dumping, 12 now, and blowing snow Nice taste of deep winter
  9. 5.5” so far sure made the morning walk in the woods with the puppy a lot quieter
  10. Scrambled yesterday to finish the yard and convert the tractor from mower to blower. Temps dropped to 22F after sunrise, light snow now. 6-12"? we'll see
  11. I thought it was crazy when it was 66 and we left to walk the town in the pouring rain. Borderline ridiculous standing with the dog in the yard at 70
  12. Meh Little Averill Pond, VT I think the best way to challenge the notions of a foliage let down is to get out there in the woods. What is dull from across the valley or from a road side view regains it’s magic in the sunlight, or even in a cloudy mist
  13. Still waiting for the garden to dry enough to till, but first two mowing sessions complete, clean up of more blow downs than ever in our back woods, and some good, albeit chilly pedaling. We got in one last ski Wed night, likely the last night to ski continuous from the lift. The fork is in. one goes out, another comes in...
  14. That is a good looking cat! I’ll take more like today. Always feels wrong walking outside with shorts on after the winter season
  15. Robin’s looked pissed