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  1. balmy 28F, light snow with 4" overnight. Sneaky powder day
  2. 3.5” since I cleared the driveway. The moon is out and the winds are starting to rework the landscape, 12F and dropping
  3. 7.5” since the switch, full whiteout conditions, 28 with occasional gusts proper storm!
  4. over to snow now, should be a fun 12 hours something is happening, we have every red squirrel, bird feeding now, and four new deer dig pits under the apple tree this morning
  5. We crust:) 33F with a calm mist
  6. 2” from the kitchen sink, tomorrow should be more interesting
  7. This week I have come to appreciate the impact a layer of snow flakes can make. Each day we have picked up a quick layer ii a passing flurry, currently dropping some slow flakes. The back yard xc ski center has moved scary fast to enjoyable skiing with literally three layers of snow flakes. Kind of surprised to see us in the 13" bracket for the upcoming event. If that verifies, going to need to move onto steeper slopes:)
  8. 6.5” some blue skies visible over the border, the Greens are still snow fencing, surprised how dense the snow is considering it fell in sub 10F air
  9. Just home from Burke. hammering snow, 4” so far
  10. Guessing 3-4” here. Winds are moving it all now
  11. it will need to come down 1"/hr for the next 6 hours to meet the forecast up here fingers crossed for 4"
  12. 10ply tarp, usually get 3 seasons before I succumb to holes Brackets, from 1/4” plywood cut for board height. I need 18” on the far side and 10” on the near side 2hp water pump We tried to skate the pond for a couple winters but it was to inconsistent with water level. The tarp also makes the thaws more bearable as it is a bonus resurfacing:) This is from a while ago, it is worth the time off you have the inclination
  13. Winter garden PF Might spend more time preparing and caring than skating and shooting Max temp 58 today. Defroster
  14. 51 here, just cut wood in a T shirt:)
  15. Snow hanging in all the branches, super quiet skiing