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  1. Why not. A 39F thunderstorm
  2. Went for a bike ride today. Realized we will go through March without a decent snowfall up here(6+). Times are certainly strange
  3. Downtown Newport VT at 2pm... surreal
  4. Only a couple inches up here J. Still made for decent Gilpin turns. maybe the earliest I have seen our tulips popping
  5. So after they stopped here?
  6. Did “they” go to Italy first?
  7. Neurologically, reality is an illusion. The emerging shift to throw large numbers of our population, including the healthcare workers, under the bus for the good of a persistent illusion is horrifying. So I wonder, what does it take for to illusion to shift. We haven't even seen the worst yet. This country is far more f'ed if the herd is OK with mass graves so the "immune" can drift back to their illusion.
  8. What is an "acceptable" number of deaths?
  9. They have 3K.Currently 80% occupied
  10. I was impressed with 60 here and running the pup in a T shirt. Might be even more impressed with 53 and rain at 10pm in the first half of March. Could hear the trees running up here
  11. The white lands of the North.
  12. Everything is slanted up there from the wind:). Which have been ripping. Full blizzard drift busting chokers. back to full white out down at 1K Moooore snow!
  13. all things considered, not bad, since it switched to snow yesterday afternoon down in the valley we have 4". Guess I am putting the bike gear away:)
  14. balmy 28F, light snow with 4" overnight. Sneaky powder day