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  1. NNE Winter Thread

    One more, from Burke yesterday...
  2. NNE Winter Thread

    NW winds still demanding jackets and gloves, but a fine day indeed
  3. NNE Winter Thread

    I second that PF. We all felt like we lost some good turns in the feb thaw. Made that up and then some 6” overnight where it counts up here
  4. NNE Winter Thread

    Never amounted to much here and we are already back to grass with some spotty freezing rain Jay had 2”, skied well, really needed another 2” or for it to be sunny and 60 maybe in May:)
  5. NNE Winter Thread

    Always! steady snow since 3:30, yard is white here at 1100’. Always hard to tell what will fall in April. Odds are low for fresh snow skiing from here out safe travels if you head this way
  6. NNE Winter Thread

    Full I only skied empty trails, but talking with patrol on the first tram sounds like mid winter. Some bony entrances in the typical windswept spots, otherwise, all good saw our first flakes this morning, still fits and spurts but the Mt is covered now is snow
  7. NNE Winter Thread

    Literally the only skis it the rack at Jay yesterday... I love the quiet days on the hill. Lots of time for lazy skiing and reflection. The doldrums of waiting for snow to melt are still better than the doldrums waiting for snow to fall
  8. NNE Winter Thread

    Squalls blowing over the range, Just like summer, only 24 degrees
  9. NNE Winter Thread

    Mid winter skiing at Burke today, not sure what we were expecting , 14 degrees this morning, snow showers on and off this afternoon conflicting with the feel of April sun when it poked out.
  10. NNE Winter Thread

    Skied through the same up here PF Not much for views today, but no lines, soft snow, and still lots of smiles to be had
  11. NNE Winter Thread

    Dusting last night and a perfect cloud blanket over the Mt this morning
  12. NNE Winter Thread

    Nice transition to night tonight...
  13. NNE Winter Thread

    Oof, just saw how bad that picture of Jay looks not on a phone, sorry everyone! Great wood splitting this morning, -5 but feeling the March sun in no wind makes it the most enjoyable sub zero
  14. NNE Winter Thread

    Golden top in the sunrise this morning, what a week!
  15. NNE Winter Thread

    6am 1” new(16” so far), classic upslope fluff, light snow and the familiar NW wind