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  1. That is truly great Ginx, I see it from a rural VT POV, a blend of cultural and systemic barriers. In general the rhetoric in this country could be significantly better at making mental health an important consideration in the health of it's citizens. Similar to LTC, there are some regions and pockets that exceed the bare minimum in requirements and others that will fail to meet the standards. The rise in suicide associated with COVID is truly terrible, but, we have proven the justification for life lost, it won't be hard for this country to do the same for those facing dark decisions.
  2. You think LTC facilities in this country are awful Ginx, wait till you get a load of how little this country cares about mental health issues.
  3. Do they? Don’t forget to subtract the lazy unemployed on early summer vacation collecting from the man sinking our precious economy. They won’t commit suicide. Then you would have to subtract the average of people who would commit suicide anyway, we didn’t care about them before COVID, be careful to not care about them now While we’re calculating, might as well throw on the average number of business that would have failed regardless of this situation, compassionate capatilism says they were doomed anyhow, save your tears Finally, the Crystal ball shit the bed for COVID, only 1/4 million people have died, wonder if the crystal ball calculating the economic impact is just as suspect
  4. Just keeps snowing:) Valley’s quick to get green but the Mt keeps holding on. looking good down there PF Memphremagog/Owl’s head
  5. In and out of the squalls now. Nothing shocking, a few inches up high
  6. A little sun on the new snow before the next round. Always nice to see fresh snow on the new Spring green
  7. Your ability to reduce life to having relative meaning confirms our decline. 40+K/year commit suicide in this country, 800,00+ world wide/year. Your outrage over the loss of life now is commendable, but likely short lived. Our species has been able to turn it's back to the deaths of it's own long before COVID surfaced. We have a chance to face ourselves and reprioritize our expectations of what the meaning of life could be. Once we begin to have to rely on one another more maybe the rhetoric changes
  8. You think those issues have not already been a pandemic in this country or world? Oddly enough we are inching our way closer and closer to equality in this country with every decision to turn our backs on each other. We haven't broken down far enough, yet.
  9. Just following our leader Ginx. He hasn't missed a beat yet, it the budget didn't matter in January, it surely can't matter now. Poor and free! The new American slogan fit for a hat.
  10. More succinctly, contract and spread it to their loved ones, spinning the chamber and hoping one of them doesn't become critically ill. Our future generations were already saddled with trillions debt. That ship sailed a while ago, besides, "Who the hell cares about the budget". Time for the taking heads to shift the goal posts along next week, will we still be winning the "war" with 200,000 dead?
  11. No, it is one of my favorite places to ride my bike. Endless, quiet dirt roads. It is a special place, like being on a VT plateau. The highlands of VT! I am a few hills away In Newport Center
  12. Daily lunch 1.5 mile lunch walk with my daughter and the dog in wind driven rain/44F, fitting for the end of this month. No complaints though, 60 felt amazing yesterday and the first seeds are in the ground Holland VT yesterday
  13. Why try? If the grocery and essential workers are not sick then everything is fine. There will be no way to manage this entirely. Start the ball rolling and hope you can control what chaos will come.
  14. for how long? we haven't been able to test our population to determine if we have even gone through our herd infection process. we''ll find out when we open things up, applying the data above is a fallacy
  15. Our local hospital reduced staff 50% following cancellation of elective procedures. Most of us have been furloughed. I think we are still a couple weeks away from confirmation of management here in our small state. I think there needs to be some attempt to begin opening services again. I think our management options can support a small percentage of potentially sick people. My concern is once you open it up and the viral load and numbers begins to overwhelm a small community like ours, how do you shut it back down. I am pessimistic people will play the yo yo game if needed. This could be a long, ugly attempt to get "back to normal"
  16. 10 million in an area this big maybe need to wait a few weeks before patting sweden on the back considering they started weeks after us.
  17. Assuming all of those tests and measures are actually deployed. I agree, most won't wait. Some can hardly wait now. Apologies if the previous post was harsh, that one flew out before I reeled it back in. I am caught between family who think this is a hoax because only 20 people have died in VT and getting updates from our friend in CT who is sick along with her dad. Two realities that don't meet. I am questioning if "normal" ever returns. stay safe everyone
  18. Lets do some math... Death rate doubling at the rate above. How long to 1million dead? Does that number even matter? Especially if it is people dying who you don't know. Why wait? If herd immunity is the answer then maybe we should just "get back to normal" now and roll the dice. It's an "old" person's virus anyway, right?
  19. Why not. A 39F thunderstorm
  20. Went for a bike ride today. Realized we will go through March without a decent snowfall up here(6+). Times are certainly strange
  21. Downtown Newport VT at 2pm... surreal
  22. Only a couple inches up here J. Still made for decent Gilpin turns. maybe the earliest I have seen our tulips popping
  23. So after they stopped here?
  24. Did “they” go to Italy first?