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  1. J.Spin

    NNE Summer Thread

    That’s sort of what happened in 2015-2016, but up here’s that’s not a very happy outcome. It’s still amazing how much that season sticks out like a sore thumb in the data set, especially with our reduced seasonal snowfall variability up here in the Northern Greens. It’s simply incredible, but unfortunately on the low end. With my data set not being that large, that season literally knocked the snowfall average down (I’d argue artificially in an actual long-term sense) by roughly 10 inches. The mean is slowly recovering year by year at this point, but it’s going to take a lot of seasons to average out such an aberrant value.
  2. J.Spin

    The 2018-2019 Ski Season Thread

    Nice PF, we always love it when you revisit these awesome stretches of snowfall with your Mansfield snowfall numbers and images. I checked my data for that 22-day stretch and it looks like we picked up just about 55” at our place, so right around 50% of the upper mountain snowfall as usual. I think timing of the biggest days during that period had me skiing solo, so I couldn’t get the boys in any of those deliciously deep shots that we love, but I still grabbed a few fun images from that stretch in the Northern Greens:
  3. J.Spin

    NNE Summer Thread

    Posting those old Concord snow data in the banter thread made me realize that I hadn’t updated my Waterbury Winter Weather Summary Table with this year’s numbers, so I just took care of that and added it below. Anyway, I’d say it was a nice, solid, average season. This past season’s data are in the top row of the table, and they’re all in black, indicating that there were no extremes in any of those parameters. The seasonal aspect of most note I guess was just the late start to the accumulating snowfall season on November 10th – that was the second latest start I’ve seen here and the only parameter that was outside of ±1 S.D. from the mean. We had some snow on October 31st to keep that October frozen precipitation streak alive, but no measurable accumulation until November 10th. Beyond that, most numerical parameters were even within ±10% from the mean aside from number of storms (+14.6%) and largest storm (+14.7%). No complaints really based on the table (which doesn’t capture how poor much of February was with respect to typical snowfall), and I guess based on the parameters shown I’d give it a grade somewhere in the C+ range.
  4. This is pretty neat - seeing that 1st snow info for such a stretch so far back:
  5. LOL, what I’ve never understood is how the DIT can simultaneously proclaim his love for the dews, HHH, and all that, and then simultaneously be the install king. Aren’t AC units specifically created to produce the exact opposite of the type of air that he loves so much? Are the AC units ever actually used, or are they simply installed for show, to impress the neighbors? Is everyone being duped on the install thing?
  6. I’d be interested in hearing more about the timeframe on DIT’s climate of yore when CT had a NVT climate. That’s a shift of about 200 miles in latitude. What climate did we have up here? When are we talking here, hundreds of years, or back to the last ice age? Fella’s comment would suggest there’s not much change of note in the past ~100 years.
  7. Agreed, when I first saw the posts proclaiming a warm, humid summer, it immediately smacked of recency bias and the typical agenda-driven drivel we get in a lot of posts here. Let’s just conveniently forget about the weeks and weeks of discussion about the June weather. Starting in astronomical summer puts it in much better perspective. Entering the period later does reduce the amount of summer we’ve actually had from which to draw the conclusions though.
  8. J.Spin

    NNE Summer Thread

    Those data are really interesting – I checked my data to see if the same sort of pattern occurred since we’re fairly close geographically, and indeed it’s there. I just used 1/3 of my July rainfall numbers as an estimate instead of getting all the daily July data, but it should be a decent approximation. Mean for the period is 13.52 inches, so this has indeed been a dry stretch – the lowest rainfall I’ve seen during that period. The grass has been fine though, will plenty of windows for mowing. 2018: 7.89 2017: 16.46 2016: 9.70 2015: 17.88 2014: 11.19 2013: 19.25 2012: 11.60 2011: 15.85 2010: 11.04
  9. J.Spin

    NNE Summer Thread

    This was the first time we had to turn on the AC in our house in the roughly 12 years that we’ve been living here, so I don’t think we’ve had a stretch like it during that time. With our proximity to the mountains, we always drop into the 60s F or lower each night, so for our area to stay up in the 70s F for two (or three?) nights during this stretch was definitely unusual. And oh man, the swimming was such an awesome perk from the heatwave. I usually find that we need about three days or so in the 90s F to really get a lot of our cooler streams around here to comfortable levels, and it seems like we haven’t done that in a while. We took care of it with this stretch though. We headed to Bristol Falls on Wednesday and it was glorious! It was an absolutely perfect day to be out there – we spent two continuous hours mostly in the water, and like you said, you could get out without even feeling a chill. I do look forward to these sorts of heatwaves in that regard, but it looks like we’ll be getting back to business as usual now. I’m psyched to get back on the bike etc. though.
  10. Indeed, simply fantastic. It’s been a spell well worthy of bringing out… While it’s patently obvious that the vast, vast majority of the population prefers HHH and copious levels of “installation”, it’s “refreshing” (oh don’t think you didn’t see what was done there) to encounter a few fringe types that still enjoy these types of days.
  11. J.Spin

    NNE Summer Thread

    I just checked my CoCoRaHS numbers, and our site is at 2.96” of liquid for the month, so just on the low end of that 3-4” range. I think you guys had a bit more in the Stowe area with at least one of those May events. Checking my data, that puts us roughly 2” below average liquid for May though, so it has been on the dry side. Liquid this month has been more akin to a local site outside the mountains like BTV (May mean liquid = 3.21”), but it’s given me some dry windows of time and I was able to get in a first cut of the lawn this weekend for the parts that needed it. I took advantage of the dew this morning and the dry forecast for the next couple of days put down some weed and feed on the lawn, but true to form, some light showers moved in during the process. I’d even checked the forecast and radar thoroughly, and there was no precipitation visible in the area even on composite, but the mountains had other things to say about that I guess. The rain seemed light enough that it wouldn’t be too detrimental to the process though, so I’m hopeful.
  12. J.Spin

    NNE Summer Thread

    I was out for ski tours on Mt. Mansfield on Friday and Saturday, so I can pass along a few pictures and snow updates. I actually got to chat with PF on the slopes on Friday, and I see he’s posted some recent shots in the ski thread. There was still a pretty good bang for your buck over the weekend in terms of % snow top to bottom on Liftline, but the % decreases every day, so folks will have to decide when it hits their own point of diminishing return. That upper section of Liftline offered up some of the best turns though, and should still offer some decent skiing this week. A few shots from those outings:
  13. J.Spin

    NNE Summer Thread

    I was out for a Mansfield ski tour on Thursday, and can pass along some snowpack info and a few pictures. Coverage on Nosedive was top to bottom down to the level of Crossover, and Perry Merrill is close, with just a couple of breaks. The snowpack on the south side of the Cliff House has really been thrown around by the plowing for summer activities, but the north side is in good shape for connection to the lower trails. PF’s picnic tables are still going to require a bit of thawing before they’re ready for use. A few shots from tour:
  14. J.Spin

    NNE Winter Thread