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Central PA Summer 2022

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15 minutes ago, Superstorm said:

It’s easy to maximize heating as you go further east. Downsloping is a major contributor.


But it has not even felt hot here.  Two years ago we would have been leading the way with temps here.  Different times.  I was down near Hagerstown where it did get to 90ish and it was not oppressive in the least bit.  3-4 degrees over average. 

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1 hour ago, Bubbler86 said:

The HI topped out at 90 here today.  Lol.  This is definitely an HIA/east heat wave.    Looks like MDT made it to 95 HI for a few readings.  Mostly 92-94. 

MU mentioned that Lanco had a HI of 100 at some point this afternoon.

Today was the first day this summer that the heat got to me. I went out to water my plants after work but called it off after 10 minutes. Finished up a few minutes ago.

88 at 8pm.

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Another beautiful morning so far with clear skies and a steady breeze for most of the past hour, keeping things very comfortable. Most of the breeze tapered off about 10 minutes ago and it’s finally just starting to feel humid. Currently 73 and DP 67. 

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1 minute ago, Voyager said:

That's not nice, but I'll get my revenge when I post palm trees in January...lol

83.8 in my backyard already this morning. Up 1.4 degrees from this time yesterday morning. 

Interesting - I'm running a couple of degrees cooler today from this time yesterday. It's 83 here currently. 

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