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3/12 Event: Winters Last Hurrah at Least East of Mountains

Weather Will

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4 minutes ago, Maestrobjwa said:

This winter was very much a forum divided winter. Further south/southeast you were the better!

La Nina winters really bring out the nuances of forecasting snowfall in this area. When you have blockbuster years like 2009-2010 it's tougher to distinguish the importance of what 100" in elevation or being one county too far west/east can have on a forecast event 12 hours out. 

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1 hour ago, Always in Zugzwang said:

Well, OK...one more.  Same Japanese maple I shared earlier, but with more snow coating the branches (Audubon nature center)


Ours is about 40 years old and 30' tall at top and just amazing looking too!

3" total for this storm but I have to say it's probably the best 3" I've experienced.  (get your minds out of the gutter!) :P

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@Ji on the way to snowshoe tonight I drove through that shadow effect zone you pointed out on guidance last night. In Petersburg and Seneca Rocks WV in the valley just east of the Allegheny front there was no snow at all, not even an inch!  6”+ on the ridges east and west but nothing in that valley.  That valley continues up into central PA. When I was at Penn State in the late 90s there was a storm that did that to Tyrone PA in that valley just  SW of State College. It was a general 8-14” across the area but Altoona to Tyrone in that valley had like 1-2”.  Just imagine living there…

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11 minutes ago, 09-10 analogy said:

Great pics. I have fond memories of the ANC; my wife and I got married there!

That's really cool!  Yeah it's a great place, I go over there and walk around quite often.  I bet it was an awesome place for your wedding; they have weddings or other events there essentially every weekend from spring through early fall.

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