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October Discussion: Bring the Frost-Hold the Snow

40/70 Benchmark

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12 hours ago, brentrich said:

looks like torch will be short lived, thankfully. 

October will easily be a +5 or better month. Probably near top 3 warmest all of northeast.

Lows are torching and highs could end up much higher if onshore pattern fails to materialize.

PS. Thanks for all the weenie tags, you're just proving my point. Enjoy your Torchtober

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32 minutes ago, CoastalWx said:

I need the weekends to enjoy. He gets off over morning soccer and a bolt of lightning at 5pm even if it rains all weekend. I enjoy the summer wx, but not if it ruins the weekend.

Morning soccer? Lol .. my kids are in HS. Let’s get with it kid . Ray is saying he likes rainy weekends. I like dews all spring and summer. You are confused 

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1 hour ago, HIPPYVALLEY said:

May as well just enjoy it.

After the past two days, I’m all set unless it’s going to snow.  Let’s do sunshine and 60-75F for the next month.  Hiking after work with the dog in 39-47F drizzle/mist from 5-7pm yesterday after work was less than enjoyable.  Almost had to put a headlamp on too.

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I don't know why y'all keep up with this idiocy, never seeming to ever glimpse an awareness as to its utter futility.  You simply cannot, particularly in this social-media realm, succeed in any attempt to influence one another with your own subjective opinions - we are not a 'fashion and fad' engagement, where that is ever possible.  

But ...since I am a moron, which uniquely qualifies me ... I will throw my two-cents into the fray here  ... 

DP are only a problem if your scrotum sticks to your side-walls.    Or, when you stand up off a cheese-dawg's pleather sofa from circa 1979, and the backs of your thighs sound like your pullin' and length of ducting tape.  Or just having a tendency for your shirt to peel away from your shoulder blades.   ... If someone 'wants' these particular sensations ?   ...well, to each is his or her own.  But they are fetishes that do not - most likely - share in the same voice with the canvased popular opinion to put it nicely... ( You wonder what sex is like with people who do - )

Now...there is a narrow range where a positive anomaly DP can be enjoyable.  Like last week, when the streets were dry, and the temperature was 75, and the DP was 68.  The wind blew caress around with light zephyrs and wafts, and it was both cozy, but also felt like dawn on a tropical island - well before the heat sets in.  Something about that narrow range is pleasantly submerging - like being in a tepid pool, or walking into the ocean off a Fiji beach, where the water and the air are indistinguishable.

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