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2021-2022 Fall/Winter Mountains Thread


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11 minutes ago, wxduncan said:

GSP on there point and click brought back our snow totals for Burke your area and back to Valdese/Morganton now says 3-5inches for today.

Not surprised! I have over half an inch just off of the tiny flakes and pre-heavy bands that dumped in the upstate. 

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Haven’t gotten up to take a good look at things but the snow that’s falling is very fine small flakes right now. Wind is also blowing it around like crazy.


NWS upped our totals for today and is going for an additional 8-12. Looks to be a snowy day setting up 


Edit-Now it’s absolutely pouring huge flakes!!

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22 minutes ago, wxduncan said:

Very nice could I get a good radar that people use I lost the one I used.

Also for your phone or tablet you can download my radar for free in your App Store and for $10 per year I believe it is radar scope is my favorite for sure 

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Just getting up here in Black Mountain.  It appears to only be about 2 inches on the deck right now.  Thought there would be quite a bit more by this time seeing the reports from you other guys above.  It’s decent rates right now, so we will see how this adds up.

Congrats on those down the mountain getting in on it.  @strongwxnc

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Man, that dry slot is going to be here in about 2 hours, at the most, now.  Hope we can snow at least 1 inch per hour until then.  That would put us at about 4 inches, if so.
Reporting from Black Mountain.
It's been filling in pretty good down south. HRRR has it completely filled in over the next 2 hours.

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