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2021-2022 Fall/Winter Mountains Thread


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2 minutes ago, Maggie Ace said:

Looking like all snow here in Maggie. I believe Hunter's first call looks good here for 8 to 12. If the Euro and even the Canadian are near or just below the 17 inches the GFS just spit out, I go a bit higher to 10 to 14 inches. We'll see. Looking good for most of us the Mountains. Deeper mountain valleys may have mixing issues though. 

We are going to get hammered...

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Just now, Maggie Ace said:

It's certainly looking that way. Other than Mount Mitchell, we seem to in the sweet spot. Now to fine tune things the next 24 hours. Dynamics suggest thundersnow may well be possible and wherever banding sets up could see some very impressive rates.

Just need to get through today and into the early morning hours tomorrow before we can really start to hone on of nowcasting. !

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