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March 13th ... west Atlantic bombogenesis type low clipping SE New England, more certain ...may be expanding inland

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It's clear what goes on there, though -

This happens over and over and over again when after a period of down-trodden mood/modeling, the models suddenly cast optimism for storm/winter enthusiasm...  Then, people seem to take, call it 'smoldering' sort of resentment when the gaeity and high it provides gets interrupted by offsets.  Then, we all claim we're just teasing them in our counter posting tact. 

But here's the funny part... the person that was "sober" ?  They very well may have been trolling the atmosphere (puns always intended!) with their countermanding sentiment, deliberately and targeted  ... knowing full well that going out and sequestering the most contrarian run, cannot be disputed, confirmed or denied as trolling either way because it's a valid solution - the intent effectively cloaked in lieu of exacting an affect.

Sometimes, the person is utterly haplessly too.  They just stumbled in, "hey guys, did you see that butt-bang solution," and saying something not realizing their inopportune timing. Then it's like, "God sorry."

The best thing to do with perceived "insidious trolling ... thought to hide in innocent intent" is to - counter intuitively - actually dignify it with a response.  I know... whaaaa -  But, the UKmet solution, while abhorrent, is more rationally actually somewhat incongruous to the teleconenector spread, as well... is becoming and increasing outlier.  You should just respond with that. 

There may be that rare occasion where some obnoxious solution earns a coup de etat solution, where the troll-esque user, in their furtive attempt at a kill-joy dart into the fragile bubble of optimism (haha I like that), got lucking. In which case they may even gloat - but... in the long run, those are longer odds to get that to happen in the face of clad spatial reasoning and consensus.

Until that happens... just kidding -


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I realized I was in the wrong thread. Looks like BOS down to PYM may get in on the CCB ML goodies. Def the cape for sure. 

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