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  1. Yes pretty much the roof and siding and the grounds. All else is on the owner.
  2. I looked at many many condos and found that when the HOA fee was <300 the upkeep was sorely lacking. In fact many in the 350-400 range weren’t looking too hot. Good if you can find otherwise but be careful. Once you’re in, you’re on the hook for that money. Good to know someone on the inside. Not everyone is gonna come clean. Not to be negative but it’s true lol. Also, small complexes of just a few homes tend to have lower fees but the danger is if someone doesn’t pay, the fund is gonna suffer very quickly
  3. Condos can be more affordable on the surface but the taxes can be just as high as a small house and the condo fees can be outrageous - several thousand dollars a year - and they don’t do anything but grounds maintenance and keeping up the outside of the home. You can put that money aside to do your own repairs. Plus with a condo you share at least one wall and maybe an entire floor/ceiling with your neighbors. That can be tough to deal with once you’ve made a purchase and aren’t inclined to go anywhere (and neither are they).
  4. JBinStoughton

    March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    Hard to imagine. We’re only starting to get any accumulation and it’s wet.
  5. The posts in this thread are epic. Someone needs to print them out and make a book
  6. If you’re 30 I should at least be good for 24 lol.
  7. How can anybody say for certain where it will set up. The storm really hasn’t even come together yet. The point is there probably will be significant mid level features. Shifts are obviously possible and even as the storm moves along.
  8. Seems like people are saying it *won’t* phase properly because of that. The models are maybe seeing what our weenie eyes won’t allow lol.
  9. Funny how a big hit and a last minute miss can both have that effect
  10. Let’s hope they’re missing some key interactions rather than we’re missing it lol