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  1. It’s good to get the first measurable snowfall before 12/15 for a change. Hopefully the winter ramps up after this and not winds down.
  2. Winter has shown its hand....we wait for 18/19 lol.
  3. Right where they should be. Yeah there’s no reason to complain about this or wish it away lol
  4. That would JP me. Lock it in lol.
  5. Shouldn’t model consistency and accuracy go UP as you get closer to an event? Why are we still dealing with models that have diarrhea in this day and age lol.
  6. Or 50’s and 60’s!
  7. A likely story lol
  8. Don’t know if it’s gonna happen quite like that but would be really nice.
  9. No way, I bring it wherever I go. Sorry about it lol. Ok enough banter. Onto the models.
  10. I was in NY at the time and just about every storm forecasted for us went to you instead so yeah lol.
  11. Oh I agree, it’s just that a lot of winters seem to have personalities and they want to repeat the same behaviors all the way through (the overly dominant northern jet that won’t let anything develop near the coast, the recurrent SE ridge that turns every storm into a runner, the screaming pac jet that won’t let the cold air out of Canada, etc) Exceptions excluded of course
  12. Apparently nothing is looking too good right now. If we can’t cash in on a good pattern then what does that say for this winter? Time will tell.
  13. We have jan/feb/mar to deal with lol
  14. I’m loving the discussion but I just want to say that I’d be thrilled with a couple or more light to moderate snowfalls against a cold backdrop, this month, after the last two cruel Decembers. Just hope this winter bears gifts into Jan/Feb