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  1. Thank you, Don. I remember that cold morning. I should have gotten my old butt in gear and done the research myself, thank you again for your kindness. Rich
  2. Now that would certainly be a challenge for a Jim Cantore live broadcast.
  3. I was just starting the 9th grade in Brooklyn Tech. I remember the wide stairs going up into Fort Green Park disappearing and turning into a raging Rapids. It must have been a fast mover, by late that afternoon the sun was out and there was a magnificent rainbow stretched across the Brooklyn sky.
  4. Unc. I was in the opening class at Kingsborough Community College in 1964 and remember a cold September beginning. Did we dip into the forties during those first two weeks? Probably just my memory going.
  5. It might be time to check Revelations.
  6. Absolutely and a very good thought ......... However ............ With that kind of $$$$ they are more likely to invest in a boy toy rather than a "sigh" Natural History Museum exhibit.
  7. Story of my life, I'm too old to qualify. Well there's always sugar grand moms.
  8. Unc. 1956, I was nine years old and it was on the front page of the Daily Mirror and News. My father took me to the Bush Terminal area to see the Stockholm with its crushed bow. I remember there were several schemes to raise the ship. Rich
  9. I went to St Ephrems 1952 to 60. I never remember any interaction problems with the McKinly students. I also remember using the Jr. Highs schools facilities in the summer. Different days and times I guess. We used to play war games and attack the hill. I remember the kids park with the slides and no protective ground cover or anything, by today's standards little of what was there than, would be allowed to exist We did survive, however.
  10. As I recall the park had a broad hill. It was right across the street from St Ephrems Church and school. My mother used to bring me to the park in the early fifties. I lived on 75th off of 11th. When a good T storm would approach from the west it seemed very dramatic to me 65 years ago.
  11. Many Happy Returns. May you still be able to smile .... Even with your pants up.
  12. Marshall McLuhan "The Media Is The Message" ......... Heaven Help Us.
  13. This reminds me of the gentleman that said he was going to ride out the Mount St. Helens eruption. I can't remember the name, I believe he intended to remain in a cave close to the Spirit Lake area. Sadly, I believe, no trace of him was ever found
  14. He lived several blocks from me in a than boarding house, 169 Clinton St. He soured on the city and summarized his feelings in his short story The Horror At Red Hook. The famed Stephen Hawking even mentioned Cthulhu in one of his lectures. Pamela I will be in contact, J.D. Non,.
  15. I searched all of Oz for you. I wandered into the poppy fields. I left when I felt the snow. Welcome back .... as always.
  16. Anal Apertures who dont give an Aerial Copulation. ..... respectfully.
  17. Congratulations, my daughter married on the 3rd, eight years ago. The ceremony and reception were held in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Yes, regarding the weather, I was praying.Best of luck for you and your life partner.
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