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  2. Perfect description... I also look at CNE as interior New England from like Pike up to Lakes Region latitude. And it does change a bit depending on the event. It's just an easier way to describe events as NNE and SNE can both mean many different spots. I think of like the MA/NH/VT border areas as the epicenter of CNE, lol.
  3. Release the e-mails!!! Of course they have probably already been scrubbed clean.
  4. I went with "east-central" for the La Nina in my analogs (115-135W) because the biggest anomalies should gradually migrate out of Nina 1.2 to Nino 3/Nino 3.4. But the super cold Nino 1.2 now is consistent at least with a colder US pattern for December at least. Not sure the type of Nina matters too much, this event will be different from last year without Nino 1.2/the PDO interfering massively with precipitation patterns.
  5. I don't think that is a road you want to take, my friend.
  6. <----- wishes he kept all the emails from @mappy cursing about lack of snow
  7. Also, I will never succumb to the panic that is lack of snow. I will never be buried.
  8. WTF is happening here?
  9. My memory of the 96-97 winter as whole is that it was sort of a reverse 93-94 and 14-15. Every indice argued the winter should have been cold or at least near normal but it wasn't
  10. I think the "reaper" didn't keep an accurate list. Seems some questions on validity.
  11. Word! Warm water against cold BL near-by that is locked in by higher pressure N ... imposing an easterly flow into the upright wall of said BL cold slab of air ... that's not a bad thing if you're irresponsible minded dystopian storm luster - which I am... muah hahahaha. Seriously, we've talked about this in the past, ...but for new users, that is why December really can be dynamically spectacular, as vestigial oceanic warmth over the western Atlantic most certainly does butt- up against early season arctic intrusions that nose their termination (usually) along the I-95 corridor from Maine on downward.. It really is a unique combination of geography and atmospheric parameters converging to 'enhance' the static potential for coastal tempests. But even smaller lows, like that gig back in Dec 2005, that ripped the tropopause and sent dingies flyin' out to sea, while 16" of snow fell in 20 minutes over Middlesex CO ...that's a crazy good example of how pithy oceanic heat content was slammed consequentially up against a very steep thickness gradient. When that strong v-max encroached over top - wow.
  12. If the general pattern that the ensembles are showing for early Dec are correct then we'll prob start getting teased by the ops with fantasy digital snow. Still early but towards the end of the week I expect some weenie runs incoming. Some of the looks might be more typical of how we can get snow and not whacked out crazy solutions.
  13. It's subjective. I feel like most of MA north of a PSF-ORH-LWM line is more like the sensible wx of southern NH than most of CT/RI and the rest of MA...but again, it's all really subjective. I personally just use CNE as a term to imply the interior of New England roughly north of the pike but south of the far northern areas like the White Mts over to northern Greens...basically stating that I am including some reasonable populations centers and not only talking about the northern mountains or Maine north of PWM. The exact location can shift form event to event...but usually I specify roads as boundaries rather than using generic subjective terms like "CNE" once an event is close enough to be more precise (I.E. north of rt 2 or N of the NH border or N of the pike). If further out, that is when I might say "oh that day 4-5 threat looks pretty interesting for CNE"....details can be hashed out later.
  14. Nope, neither train. I kept tracking till the bitter end.
  15. If you want to see some pics (retweets) of some of those clouds, go to Cory Reppenhagen's twitter (storm chaser for a tv station here) https://twitter.com/creppwx
  16. If you were on either of those two late winter trains to destruction, you died. You just had an unmarked grave. I see we're starting "question the reaper" early this year. I will not tolerate this.
  17. We have some pretty strong winds here in the CPV. Southerlies gusting up to 45 mph at times. I saw a passenger plane at the airport have to abort its landing and climb out again to circle for another try.
  18. Excuse me. I never succumbed to your wiles either.
  19. You're the worst. Really though, the contest should be how many people I reap before we close the book on the season. Fastest lap at the beach won't be fair. I'll beat him badly. Still, I'll start training now just in case.
  20. i'm not that fat tho. The gif adds some pounds.
  21. @mappy and I are the ones who will be standing over all the dead bodies laughing and toasting the demise of you all. And even if i do slip this will be me in your clutches.
  22. I like this part: who is going to be around to verify that?
  23. That's probably more normal than a day like yesterday when the high temp was lower than the average minimum. This morning's low was 16F, about -10 departure. Average here today is 43F for a high...its not supposed to have highs of 24F. As good as it feels to step right into winter, its just not how it goes. Its still only November 21st.
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