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On 1/15/2023 at 12:40 AM, GaWx said:

I'm very much enjoying this well below normal cold weekend while I can get it as there's no telling when the next one will occur. It is now 38 with a light freeze expected later.

 Interestingly, if the 12Z GFS/Euro/CMC and 0Z Euro have the right idea (it is still out in semi-fantasyland), this past below normal weekend will have a chance to be exceeded by an even colder weekend/the second coldest Arctic plunge of the winter to date the weekend after the upcoming one!

 I'm the meantime to keep this on topic, it is now 75 with dews in the semi-muggy low 60s. What a contrast to just two days ago, when it was in the 60s with dews only in the low 20s!

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 This area had a severe thunderstorm go through ~an hour ago. This caught me by surprise. But I didn't detect any lightning/thunder. Just heavy rain and gusty winds.

 Since last night, we've had very beneficial rains in the general vicinity of 1". I haven't seen my measurement yet.

 Edit: It was near 1" for me.

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