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November 2022 General Discussion


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Another beautiful day with 66 and sun this afternoon. Another repeat tomorrow before wet and cooler weather moves in, but still above normal.


Key Messages: -Thursday last dry day until after weekend

-Thunderstorm potential west Fri

-Training showers + high moisture = hydro concern potential

-Secondary low surges through Sat. leads to gusty winds

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Very heavy geese movement today. By far the most I've seen in any given day since they have been moving since early August. Interesting that they have been moving since early August. They always start around the last week of that month, and that is also when maples start showing some color.

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2 hours ago, hawkeye_wx said:

It is now 76º here in Cedar Rapids... beautiful.

The leaves are dumping from my neighbor's oak tree.  I think this occurred in mid November the last couple years.

Yeah the oaks here just started dropping today all the sudden, and quickly at that.  About 2-3 weeks earlier than last year like you mentioned.

Super nice day today with mid 70s, light south breeze.  MLI missed tying a record by 1 degree as they hit 77.  

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A record high temperature of 71 degrees was set today at the Marquette National Weather Service office, located in Negaunee Township. This breaks the old record of 66 set back in 1975.

Weather records for the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Negaunee Township date back to 1961. #miwx #906wx


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The fateful day of November 10th, 1975 compared to the upcoming weather situation on Saturday. The Edmund Fitzgerald Storm went from 1000mb near Wichita, Kansas to 984mb in Lake Superior in 24 hours. Our current weather situation will have a low of 1004-1006mb near Wichita, Kansas moving toward 987mb to near La Crosse Wisconsin within 24 hours, and then moving to Lake Superior as shown.







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3 minutes ago, A-L-E-K said:

Flowers still going in our garden

Not surprising with no freeze yet in the city and probably minimal frost.

3 weeks until the record latest freeze for Chicago.  I don't think they'll make it until then but stranger things have happened.

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