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Major Hurricane Florence: STORM MODE THREAD

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4 hours ago, Tibet said:

I'd bet that this is related to flooding taking out the tracks.




photos look like it was a pretty dramatic event.

Yeah looks like from the pictures that the rails were on a grade of gravel. I’m no civil engineer and have no idea how different rail track foundations are but if there was a flooding or a current of water going over that area it could of easily washed away or loosened up the ground underneath the tracks making their support of a heavy freight train non-existent and therefore buckling the tracks when it rode over it. Just a guess of course. 

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With the rain that deluged Wilmington, NC from Hurricane Florence, 2018 is now the wettest year on record in Wilmington. Through 1 pm EDT today, Wilmington has received 86.25" rain.
The five wettest years on record are:

1. 86.25", 2018
2. 83.65", 1877
3. 73.49", 2015
4. 72.06", 1999
5. 72.05", 1946

Four of the ten wettest years on record have occurred 2000 or later and one of ten driest years on record occurred 2000 or later. The driest year on record was 1909 when annual precipitation came to 27.68".

Records for Wilmington go back to 1871.


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27 minutes ago, NJwx85 said:

The GFS is back to playing games with the remnants. 


All the models show the remnants still hanging out near the coast.

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