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March 20-21 Snow and other Observations


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Worcester, PA.  about 8" in the grass. Snow - heavier when a band goes through. But steady .  So far little wind, but it may be picking up some. Will not take much wind to bring tree / wire issues.  They are pretty loaded - especially the pines. A couple of wires and transformer calls in Montco but not significant (yet). Another 6 or 8" could create tree and wire issues. Temp pretty steady all day at about 32.

Few people out on the roads.

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10 minutes ago, RedSky said:

Here we go again weathergirl10 just said heavy snow will be done by 6pm 



Lmao clueless absolutely clueless. It's 415 and we haven't even hit the pivot point yet. That girl really is a disgrace to meteorology, if I were Glenn I'd be embarrassed to be associated with her...

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3 minutes ago, The Iceman said:

I'm way too comfy to go take an official measurement off the board. I last cleared it at 1 pm and was at 3". I'd guess we are at least that right now so I'd guess I'm around 6" or so on the event but next board clear isn't until 7.

Very confident of hitting 15" minimum locally and looking at current dynamics feeling 18"


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