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  1. really no talk about it, so I ask the question about tomorrow night (wed) for the Poconos area, how is frozen precip looking? TWC app is saying an inch of snow and some ice expected. I hate to load the trucks up with salt and waste money for a nothing burger.
  2. Great to see action the philly section, forum is busy. Good luck this weekend everyone. I will continue lurking and then report obs during the storms.
  3. Heavier returns in allentown now. Was all sleet this morning. Now transitioned to mostly snow.
  4. Dead stopped on rt33 south around Easton,Pa. Heavyyyyy snow. Def under 1/4 mile visibility
  5. Heavy snow continues. I am northwest of LV but have 6.5”
  6. Heavy snow lehighton, pa. Roads just starting to cover. About 1.5 on grass
  7. I would be interested to hear what the official snow report is for Ashfield/Lehighton, PA area. I snow plowed 4-5” last night at 10pm and just went by my apartment building and there is another 4-5” otg.
  8. Heavy band is about to enter into Lehighton area. As of now it is heavy snow hopefully no sleet mixes in. We have been all snow so far this storm.
  9. Does anyone know if this thing is still going to bomb out east to west. Heavy returns in NJ still look to be going straight north.
  10. 7:45am update. Measured 11.5 inches. Thats 2.5 inches in the past 2 hours. We have stayed all snow so far fingers crossed this could go down as a historic storm for Lehighton/Poconos area. Continued moderate/ to heavy snow. 26 degs.
  11. Thanks. I will do. Here is one from right now. There was about 2 inches on the table to begin with, i didn't clear it off before the storm.
  12. Measured at 5:45am. Moderate snow 9" OTG. Temp 26. Ashfield/Lehighton area.