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  1. I had 6F this morning at 5:30 AM with a slight breeze. As of 8:42 AM, temp is up to a whopping 11F. Still just a slight breeze.
  2. up to 30F here now. Ice is melting on the cars and driveway.
  3. Light sleet and freezing rain in Nazareth. Temp has been hovering between 26-28F all day. Light wind, DP 26.7, RH 95%. Roads here are ice covered, at least about 700 ft elevation.
  4. 1.10 total yesterday. .53 so far today. Looks like it'll hang around for a while yet.
  5. Looks about over for me. .40 so far. Went from 69F around 5PM to 61F now.
  6. Just had a flood advisory alert till 9:30PM.
  7. Nice line of cells. Just got real dark here, next wave on the way in.
  8. Slight thunderstorms moving through for an hour or so. Picked up .30 inch of rain so far. Looks like the storms will continue a while longer. Just noticed .25 inch hail reported in Lehigh county.
  9. LSR says 7.1 for Bushkill Township here, but, I was just doing cleanup and it looks more like 4 inches. No matter, it's snow! Lots of wire down calls here this morning.
  10. White rain here for about an hour now. Just started with nice size flakes about 10 minutes ago. Down to 32F from 38F around 2:30.
  11. Only about as far as State College. Seeing some reports of 50/60 mph gusts.