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  1. So a quintuple toe loop you say!? Hopefully, the weenies won't deduct points for the dirty landing!
  2. March 12-13 possible coastal event

    DT has us down for 4" across the region. Bold forecast there.
  3. March 12-13 possible coastal event

    Navgem shows a pretty decent hit too.
  4. March 12-13 possible coastal event

    Thats one trend I am seeing is the increased amplification of the PNA ridge. Interesting. Signal looks miller A maybe with a norlun structure (trends to happen with an amped up PNA ridge)
  5. March 6 -7 Noreaster Obs Thread

    NAM does as the NAM will. At least your company didn't make the whole damn staff take a vacation day over misinformed model snow totals... Nice hit for Morris County NJ, near HECS levels for them, the potential was there. Miller B or Killer B? Notoriously difficult to forecast.
  6. March 7-8 possible snow threat

    I like the gfs and nam 3 km verbatim. Im not sure how exactly the 12km works mathematically. I'm not sure if the output is just but through a filter-kernal that convolves the finer resolution output or if the actual mesh and step sizes are larger than the 3km. If is the second than I would definitely say that the 12km is suffering convective feedback. The Nam normally scores with these dynamic storms in March. I'm think a solid 10"+ in Pottstown, 8" in Douglassville and 14-18" through the LV.
  7. March 7-8 possible snow threat

    He was spot on with this last storm.
  8. March 7-8 possible snow threat

    EPAWA posted a nice map. Think their solution is solution is going to pan out pretty good. DT is calling this an MECS.
  9. March 7-8 possible snow threat

    ultimate redemption
  10. Hideki Matsi for the Hall of Fame and Mod of this form!! In all seriousness... if we do get a Moderator it should be Ralph
  11. January 16-18 Threat

    Looks pretty clumpy is this a numerical issue with the CMC rearing its ugly head again? Nice thunking though for the Poconos and Bucks County though!!
  12. E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2017-18 OBS Thread

    Speaking of atmospheric change... I read new peer-reviewed research that efforts to ban CFC aerosols have demonstrably led to a closing of the hole in the ozone layer, I think that's something that we can all get behind: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2017/11/03/the-earths-ozone-hole-is-shrinking-and-is-the-smallest-its-been-since-1988/?utm_term=.486584510267
  13. E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2017-18 OBS Thread

    I prefer the term "atmospheric composition change syndrome." Regardless of the weather, adding more Co2 to the atmosphere must be screwing something up! Whether its global average temperature, calcification of the ocean, sea level rise, fish populations in rivers... all of life on Earth is dependent on a delicate equilibrium of everything else. There is no less than a divine commandment to not mess it up for the rest of us.
  14. E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2017-18 OBS Thread

    They should hire Ralph!
  15. Dec 9th snow

    Hopefully she won't be vengeful! Nice event for all.