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  1. Indeed, we've been out since noon on Wednesday. Not estimates for restoration range betweentonight at 11pm to sunday at 11pm. Don't have batteries in my wetherlink live so I missed out on data from that time period ...
  2. I've often wondered if localized cold fronts (like those in CAD events) played more of a role in this.
  3. Indeed I've noticed the same thing. The lines charge West to East are typically disappointments.
  4. NPR said there is a group of geoscience researchers saying that the reduction in atmospheric NOx is highly remarkable and demonstrably provable using sat imagery. Going as far to say its statistically saved the lives of 4000 chinese children alone since this all started.
  5. I agree. I think a bit of grace is required here. Its completely unknown what will happen or what to do about it.
  6. Meanwhile I go in clinic in Okemo and miss out on three 1.5' powder days by less than 40 miles as the crow flies
  7. If you get a telecommuting job outside of Vermont and then move to Vermont with that job, the state has a program to pay such individuals $10k a year.
  8. What I meant to say is how can I find it to read.
  9. Did it get published? What is the DOI#
  10. A bunch come to mind: "It's Raining, It's Pouring" "A year without rain"- Selena Gomez "Let it snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow" "In the Bleak midwinter"- Gustav Holst!
  11. Your father was a smart man. My grandfather only shot in Kodachrome slides for years and years. The film those slides are made out of high quality materials and hold up better than average. A well composed photograph using that material can have superior resolution than today's digital photography.
  12. It would be a blue bird day out on the slopes .... IF WE HAD SOME SNOW!!!