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  1. The weather feels pretty average and grey lately.
  2. seems like an early spring. The most epic early spring I remember was 2012. I was a senior in HS and I remember the trees being leafed out by St. Patty's day
  3. Coverage at the mountain is starting to get very thin. We were skiing through puddles yesterday 4" might save the last two weekends for the season. If we can get down to 23F on Saturday Night, that would be perfect.
  4. A strong, consistent, early spring wind from the east normally casues an a bummer crop for maple syrup farmers. Especially, following prolonged and consistent cold.
  5. Freezing rain that never freezes is just... rain
  6. Its a pink nightmare thats for sure... Ice storms never verify this time of year. My forecast is rain.
  7. That was a bad storm, its the only ice storm I remember really packing the heat around here. There was one when I was up in Vermont but it was nothing for them to handle.
  8. 28hrs of continuous snowmaking-- 8 million gallons and counting!!
  9. My mountain still hasn't been able to open for skiing yet...
  10. I just subscribed, didn't know it existed!
  11. Looks like a low yielding clipper to me. I like those looks early in the season.
  12. Why do we have to go through this crap every few years. If we want to merge, our membership will get in touch with site leadership instead of having it imposed upon us by out-of-towners!
  13. Hearing some talk about this SST warming event on Rebecca's Northeast weather.... apparently its rare for them to occur this early. Last time it happened was in 2010 which led to many disruptions in the polar vortex and formation of the "alaska ridge" for that snow season....
  14. Well considering the other three members of my family were once nearly killed in a car accident by someone high on cannabis-- I have every right to be uptight. If you ask me the Philippines have the right approach.
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