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  1. Indeed that's a very scary style incident. Fortunately in Pottstown the criminals seem to resort to more traditional patterns so far. The defund the police thing started back even before some of this social justice stuff started really getting kicked up. So becareful not to squarely place blame just on that (which is not an accusation). I'm really against centralizing the police force as many Pennsylvania townships are doing. As you saw first hand response times are not good when that is done. Oley township is now central berks police department with a few other townships. I would like to see more focus put on educating new officers in investigative work and civics as opposed to having all of these military like vehicles which generally serve only a limited role. I think requiring police to work in pairs is a good thing to improve quality and career satisfaction for officers. Sometimes using time proven methods is the best way. I dont see why this all has to be so complicated but I guess people just think they can save a dime. Glad yous all are okay.
  2. Yes it would be nice if that were so.
  3. I remember a nice st patricks day ... in 2007? that was a nice 6-8" hit of wintery mix. it was the first time I skied in fresh snow.
  4. Daffodils are starting to poke up through the ground/snow, pansies are out for sale at the green houses in Amish country! Rare Snow Rollers reported by WFMZ: https://www.wfmz.com/news/feature-belt/snow-rolls-spotted-in-the-lehigh-valley-berks-county/article_ef6cb8d8-7988-11eb-bf00-2b72931471e5.html For those unfamiliar: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snow_roller
  5. I had to go into work really early. According to the car thermometer at 4:30am it was 41F in North Coventry I got to Coventryville it was 26F, East Earl it was 36F at 5:25am. Strange fluctuations.
  6. Not sure how you can rage quit winter... its not even March yet!
  7. This one is probably the most difficult forecast of the year. Modeling has this storm to spread out. If anyone is to cash in the gradiet will need to be tighter. Leave it to Fox 29 to pull the rabbit out of the hat to make up for the misses this season.
  8. Carson had 4 years to make his case. He's bad news Bears.
  9. My cousins son is a minuteman! I've always have been a golf fan, Justin Rose and Sean O'hair are some of the hometown favorites around here. Do we have any other golfers on here? I've always like Philly sports, I'm probably most partial to the Eagles, The Phillies are my NL team and I dont follow the NBA or Hockey very much.
  10. Good .2" of icey/sleety crust here in North Coventry this morning... late to work.
  11. Could switch it to Wentzisaweenie
  12. In my limited experience as a youngster I whole heartedly concur. The NAM tends to score well with these over running events!
  13. Weenie jump in our hour of triumph? Dare, say are the words of a man sick of snow!
  14. Sorry Folks, I was away at a meeting. Thats the one I am refering too Kamu. I should have copied it in.