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  1. Yes, I was down at the Delaware shore at the time and we lost power for a few hours. Part of my extended family was from NYC so their house was effected too. I remember the weather was cool and quite foggy down at the shore that day, strange because no one in my family remembered it ever being like that in August after spending a week there each year for three decades.
  2. I hope I don't bullseye again. I bring my cat home from an extended stay at the vet. I would rather him just not worry about a thunderstorm while trying to move him. Short range has a variety of solutions on the table. My guess is that this will be a more classical isolated t storm event
  3. 10.28" MTD here, amazing what a difference 5 miles can make.
  4. Come ye all one, come ye all plenty!
  5. If Vail doesn't buy it all up first!
  6. My money says the High res GEM is what we see tonight. It seemed to have the best grasp of the heat.
  7. Weathergods: "Shoot, missed 'em by that much" They sure like pushing you around! hehe
  8. Yeah, but the observationals clearly had the signs. A pressure below 29.8, 80% RH and 98F temp.... its like accidentally discovering plutonium.
  9. Interesting, the tops the 160 year old sycamores and poplars are starting to blow about. High was 98F today. Hi Barometer was yesterday around 1:30pm at 30.78.
  10. The Davis says 4.77 inches and a max rain rate of 10.11/hr here in Pottstown (record rate since records began for my station) Commute from Green Lane was hell, took two hours. Had to turn around several times. rt 100 and 663 both closed in spots. Perkiomen, Unami, Manatawny and Swamp Creek all over flood stage.
  11. Quite a wallop here in Green Lane. A few close strikes have cause the lights to momentarily brown before gradually over-brightening (weird) . Between Reading and Pottstown 422 is flooded over the Median. A weir has been made out of the median holding the water on the westbound side.
  12. Broke out some new wiper blades last night, this last batch wore out pretty quickly.
  13. I thought the visible cloud cover looked more fearsome than what the actual storm was, probably why it looked worse on radar too. Is it possible to have a virga tornado?
  14. Got a piece of that line earlier. Some circulation but not quite as tornadic as rounds 1 & 2.