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  1. about 30 seconds of pea size hail in Douglassville.
  2. Way warmer today than modeled.
  3. lucy with the puntrooskie !
  4. "final" famous last words. Apr 22 blizzard warning a deadlock for sure now....
  5. This seems to be a big over performer up in New England especailly Vermont. Ski resorts claiming 3' while being modeled at 20"
  6. Im not really basing this judgement off the snow so much as the lack of wind
  7. What a waste of a blizzard warning. I think mt holly jumped the gun on that aspect. Winter storm warning probably would have been adequate. Of course this could have broke the other way.
  8. I agree 2001 does not equal 2017
  9. Yeah what happened to dynamic cooling!! clearly another -10 mb of pressure was needed!
  10. Hopefully not many schools closed for two days
  11. wfmz's forecast verified nicely.
  12. The snow was higher quality than I expected, more snow than sleet here. Just about done digging out. Light snow and light wind. About 10-11" for my event total (hard to measure accurately). My Dad had to take a short trip to take my mom to work (a 5 mile drive on 662 road conditions were more dicey than he expected but made it home safely)
  13. nice! looks like we have an early favorite.
  14. Probably about eight inches total my forecast on Sunday was 9-14" ...might come close but my final call was the NWS "most likely" map verbatim.
  15. 100% sleet in douglassville