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  1. Well considering the other three members of my family were once nearly killed in a car accident by someone high on cannabis-- I have every right to be uptight. If you ask me the Philippines have the right approach.
  2. Yeah to be clear I have no issue with the glorified sparkler products. So carry on. Little kid ears can be really sensitive! I think its going to be a scorcher today!
  3. I wish people would be a bit more civically minded about their fireworks privledges. The new law that allows them to be set off in PA has caused a lot of problems in Reading and a few other places. If anything it should only be one day. Of course people could donate to the mucipal Fourth of July funds so everyone could enjoy a really spectacular professional display instead of a ho-hum hundred foot back yard display. Part of the beuaty of fireworks is the coordinated effort. That being said Im very excited for the Semi-bicentennial thats coming up in a few years!
  4. While a bit pointed, I think Albedoman makes some good points.
  5. Thats very interesting it sounds like the mines/quarries should be part of a dam control system that is forced to pump when these rainfall events occur. Blue marsh dam was put in place to chorale the Tulpie's flooding.
  6. Heavy rain and thunder here for the last 30minutes in east earl, pa
  7. Im okay with 84F w/ blue skies and a few clouds May-October with the gully washer mixed. The rest of the time I prefer snow on the ground in some form.
  8. So long as no one ransomwares the Euro we'll be fine.
  9. Its that the one where all my relatives ask for their gifts back ?
  10. Nice hard thunder storm here in East Earl. Estimating 2.5 to 3.0"/hr rates.
  11. Saw some wilted trees on my route into work on rt. 23. The drought is here. Trees are very stress right now.
  12. Indeed Roundup isn't for the birds! Our friends from the Green Valley Association at Welkinweir (near Bucktown in Chesco) share this first glimpse of Brood X.
  13. I do remember playing a baseball game in 2004 with the Brood X racket going on. Should be interesting although im suspecting it will be over-hyped as it was in 2004. I think population of cicadas are probably crashing. If I recall early summer 2004 was a bit dry as well.
  14. I just don't like people calling diesel not normal vehicles when most of the world drives diesel cars which is also a fact. I just find complaining (which in your defense you weren't doing) about the price of gas very self-centered conventional thinking.
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