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2 minutes ago, nutmegfriar said:

And it was the Lindsay Snowstorm in New York City

Nope. It was the storm after the Lindsey snowstorm. The Lindsey snowstorm was on this date in 1969-- two feet of wet snow in the Boston Suburbs; 50 mph+ gales. The 100 hour storm brought a then record total to Boston, and inundated much of New England, though gentler with the winds.

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46 minutes ago, USCAPEWEATHERAF said:

This storm has my attention.  Rapid cyclogenesis occurring amidst a closed upper level low, ideal for a major to monster snowstorm, also totals will likely be much higher in a given location as storm stalls and loops on the models, even the GFS closes off at H5 and causes surface low pressure to drop like a rock.  GFS and EURO similar in strength but different in location, for a full latitude bomb and blizzard to impact all of SNE we want the storm further south, closer to Nantucket or the benchmark rather than Provincetown location.  I think we can get it done with a -NAO/-AO/+PNA regime with a favorable MJO.

James are you related to this fella..Bruce


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4 minutes ago, ROOSTA said:

Remember it well, a weenie even then. I'm going to use the term weenie as often as possible.
Oh Stevie you forgot to mention it's a Full Moon in February! LOL
Presently has a look of the hits keep on coming.

Oh no I didn't.  Been quietly locking in today for weeks, ask Ray. We full moon goon.

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