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Jan 9-10th snow threat. Disco/OBS


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Some of the 0z and 6z GFS are making the hard left turn with this, actually giving parts of Central and Northern Wisconsin a big storm.  Not sure what to think given the vast majority of the models are a non-event to the east for these parts.


fwiw, i see rain as a more likely outcome than a miss east for MBY

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We have more of those here that you do now. Northern Michigan leads the way with its crow population. Skwaaawk!

Perhaps but I actually see way more big birds than dear especially around my property, actually have hit two of those damn things in the last couple months. 


Anyway back to the topic, still looks like some decent back end action on that secondary low for far Northern Lower and Upper, Wisconsin gets grazed a little as well. ECMW has the low farther SE then GFS just does not have any cold air to work with. 

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I remain hopeful for some snow.



Still some uncertainties with this, one of them being how much the southern s/w will dig.  If you notice, solutions like the UKMET/GGEM dig it farther south and thus have a surface low that starts out farther south...near the Gulf coast.

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