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  1. Looking nice outside this morning here in Saylorsburg.
  2. We just ride and see what happens. At least it's not rain!
  3. Yeah, definitely would suck for us up here in the Southern Poconos.
  4. Shhhhh! After last year, don't need to go giving mother nature any ideas!
  5. Have a dusting of snow on grassy surfaces up here in Saylorsburg.
  6. https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/md/md0852.html Looking like it could be an interesting afternoon and evening..
  7. You are on the wrong coast, the Oregon coast picked up a few inches of snow.
  8. Snow squall warning issued out in Central PA, don't see one of those very often.
  9. Plus we are still several days out. It's not like we are 1-2 days before the event, things can still change.
  10. <sarcasm>Well, I guess next couple of runs will probably show cutting up over Chicago at this rate... </sarcasm> When will the west trend end, that is the question..
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