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The Psuhoffman Storm


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When are you gonna stop? Really! Absolutely annoying.

Looks more juiced on this run. More QPF area wide

Seriously, theres still a chance of being just all rain for like a couple hours though, with temps a little above freezing.

WJZ says around 3 inches in baltimore. Yeah, im having fun now, im not good posting here at all,guitar.gifyikes.png

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Because clearly the members without meteorological degrees in this thread know more than those at the NWS. That's an extremely ignorant statement. Do you even know what goes into getting a meteorological degree? Your lack or respect for those that know more than you is despicable. Try going to school for meteorology like I did and I think you'd respect the profession a little more. I may not have become a meteorologist but at least I don't feel like the opinions of a group of people posting on one weather forum on the web matter more than those that work for the NWS. There is politics involved in public weather forecasting and that is why they are behind...they don't have the luxury that we do of saying "12''+" at this point.

You missed my point.. ask anyone around here.. I'm about as respectful towards those that earned their Met degree as anyone can get, and go out of my way to defend NWS in most cases.

See ya

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I still think baltimore goes to all rain at least for a little bit, maybe like late morning/early afternoon before the wet snow comes.

The urban heat island in the megalopolis will easily keep temperatures in the mid 50's during the event, despite the 201 models that show differently. :banned:

Now onto real objective analysis....seems like models split on where the heaviest banding will setup. Either out toward IAD or EZF/Annapolis. General consensus that this will be the former? I know a couple have said that, but would like to hear thoughts from others.

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I am expecting the 'go research' response, but thought I would ask, being a semi-newbie to the details of forecasting and map reading. But can you point me to or explain the 20mm, 38mm, etc.. details and how they impact the QPF or precip amounts?

convert mm in to inches. The inches represent the QPF.


not sure if this helps.

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Impressive gfs. I'm surprised at how conservative some of the media is in view of .75 in 6 hr qpf.

Me too, no one here at my job has any idea a snowstorm is even possible besides myself.

I think many people are going to be very suprised by the impacts of this storm, since 6-12 inches of wet snow can do a number on trees/powerlines.

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