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  1. Party on everyone. Not winter until I get here. Loving the trends even on the Euro.
  2. Need that gif of a guy with a dollar on a fishing line. On to thunderstorm season.
  3. That sounds like he's trolling you. And for all you people whining about May snow: I once got lost in a blizzard in July. Of course, I was hiking a 13K mountain in the Sierras at the time, but whatever.
  4. I would like it far enough north not to screw up my Saturday AM tee time.
  5. Yeah, I woke up this morning at 4 and was dubious. When it wasn't ripping by 8 AM, I was screaming bust. But now... The kid has the sled out and its been pouring snow at a good clip since 10:00
  6. It seems to be crushing the server most of all.
  7. Thanks on both scores. I saw model discussion of it being there, and then closer to HEF, or even DCA, but I frankly bounced in and out of the model discussions because of work and maybe conflated a bunch of runs.
  8. Happy Spring, Everyone. I do like a good ice storm. It makes for fantastic skating.
  9. The kids/sports groups/etc. that have activities planned. I'm not saying it won't eventually be the right call. But, it isn't like a normal school day where they have to make the call at 4 AM. Nothing starts until like 8.
  10. And because they never want to miss a chance to commit too early and be horribly wrong.... Fairfax Schools activities are all cancelled for tomorrow. Let's check 1) it's Friday at 5PM; 2) there is no school tomorrow, only sports leagues and the like, and 3) not a flake has fallen. I suspect the person who has to make the call at 6 AM tomorrow wants to sleep in.
  11. This seems later than originally forecast. I was seeing reports of severe thunder from dawn through midday, now it seems to be severe more towards midday.
  12. So, I can tell you this is no big deal other than than novelty of it. They literally tried to evacuate my building and I wouldn't have any of it.
  13. Economic losses largely meaning all the losses as weenies hang out on the street in panic rather than working.
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