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  1. Party on everyone. Not winter until I get here. Loving the trends even on the Euro.
  2. So, I can tell you this is no big deal other than than novelty of it. They literally tried to evacuate my building and I wouldn't have any of it.
  3. Economic losses largely meaning all the losses as weenies hang out on the street in panic rather than working.
  4. It also depends on the depth. This one is pretty shallow, so you get less waves and more rumble, in terms of how it feels. The wavey ones are brutal.
  5. East Cost weenies. I'm a transplanted Californian. That was nothing. Everyone go back to work. In 1989, in the Loma Prieta, I was working downtown and almost had a ceiling tile kill me while I hid under a desk.
  6. I prefer ice over snow. You can't skate on snow.

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