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  1. absolutely pouring in ottawa, thought i'd share a traffic cam
  2. models were zoning in on that area for the past couple days, great skiing at tremblant!
  3. mod snow, small flakes but pouring straight down, little wind 15F 2" +
  4. probably the prototypical SWFE upon which they should all be least in my memory. and resulted in a crippling storm in ontario and quebec and atlantic canada, probably the biggest storm in recent times to affect such a large swath of canada's population. you guys had a significant storm a few days even before that i recall. a december to remember in SNE.
  5. heading to stowe tomorow morning and back later in the day hopefully before the snow starts up. parents flights from ottawa to california (through YYZ toronto) tomorrow already cancelled (!) as of this morning, so that was a relief - obviously lots of hype up there for a repeat of dec 16 2007 which it wont be. still glad they cancelled the flights thanks to lots of lead time on this one. this will just be a regular winter storm up here IMO. nevertheless 8-12 is reasonable, anything more a bonus, my call i think the sleet will push further north and eclipse BTV, although i certainly do respect the cold- but this is not looking like a dec 16/07 redux as Will has pointed out.
  6. and there you have it i feel in a decent position here, though on the cusp of sleet here IMO. all places SE of here including VT, would not be very confident. would like to see some better trends for all folks tomorrow. should be another great storm for ottawa where the banks are piling high this year.
  7. i was in oakabrook terrace, we got down to -5 to -10F on 2 nights. one of those days the wind in the city was just awful. that was before the cold snap, luckily i left in time.
  8. i slipped on ice twice outside this evening, was surprised given we've been above freezing for about 24 hours i guess thats the cold surface effect..
  9. yes thats exactly it, no lake effect no elevation no orographic, just open tundra. january is also the coldest and driest month there. they ended up with 107 cm per my dad, for the new record. they have a constant snowpack, while the CPV melts, the thaws in ottawa are generally short lived and usually preceded by significant icing. its a give and take. the winters in ottawa are very harsh due to the cold, snowpack, and plenty of ice when we rain. ive been telling my elderly parents to get a winter home down south....last few years ive noticed they've been trapped inside. but i guess that happens in vermont too.
  10. theres a lot of snow out there its snows where it wants to snow.
  12. approx 5-6 inches here, expect a bit more today as SN- continues had an hour last night between 12-1 some of the heavier snow of the year 2in/hr stuff, it was pouring and heavier than any point during the 'big' storm a couple weeks ago lots of snow on the ground, im guessing the most since i moved here in 2012. i will be staying inside today, not a fan of wind and cold as my bones get older....
  13. more cold, more snow today, broken record at this point just got back from chicago for the week... the wind and cold out there was wicked.