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  1. It’s a photographers dream out there. Some Iphone pics from a morning drive on I-89 between saint Albans and BTV
  2. Excellent analysis PF thanks i wasn’t Living here for the blocked flow event, but I do remember watching it unfold in Ottawa on the old forum.
  3. Final totals appear to be : BTV area 14-18 inches CYUL Montreal 36 cm / 14 inches Montréal island in general ranged 14-18 inches also CYOW Ottawa 26 cm / 10 inches highest total I’ve seen from NWS btv and environment Canada is Malone NY 22 inches. That fits well with where the expected jackpot was going to be ... MBY I’ll say approx 17 and call it a day. There is a LOT of dense snow out there (giant piles and extended clean up in process ) .....agree with many that it’s one of the most picturesque snows in quite some time caked to everything (scenes right out of those sappy Holiday movies).
  4. Remarkable story really speaks to the power of the intense banded snow that moved through , btv airport closed for the first time In nearly 20 years.
  5. Leaving work, morning light reveal, 3 degrees
  6. Powder Snow continues here though winds seem to have calmed a bit
  7. Power outages blow, hope that doesn’t take too long to get up and running. a 966mb low does damage in all forms.
  8. Yes I definitely slept through the best stuff, as I read back through this thread and saw the time stamps on PFs radar posts. Love this sub forum for big storms. So easy to relive. Haha hope you guys get a real coastal blizzard before this year ends fingers crossed.
  9. Some photos from the trek to work about one hour ago. includes the neighbors mom in the white truck digging out after parking since 230pm. sorry for the sideways photos. Tried everything couldn’t figure it out. Hate tech.Lol
  10. A couple photos from franklin, Vermont from this afternoon , from my in laws
  11. Slept all day and just got to work. Walked out of the apartment Into white powder blowing snow, one poor fool was digging his car out from parking on the street since 2pm. impossible to say how much has fallen With the blowing and drifting , but my estimate based on multiple visuals and years of experience is about 14 inches today so far.
  12. thanks PF. Pleasantly surprised by the early/ on time change over. Always a good sign. Should be in btown soon one would think. Walked home from work, it’s a winter wonderland , very calm winds fat juicy flakes. Another good sign. One inch fresh down now. only problem is I work nights and sleep days so I have to sleep today and work tonite. Totally blows that I’m going to miss the good stuff , but tracking Radar overnite as well as conditions To our NW has been fun. I’m sure I’ll wake up at some point today to look out the window. Hopefully I don’t see much
  13. Anddddd we snow coming down at a good clip already , juicy flakes from BTV they were on it .NEAR TERM /THROUGH TONIGHT/... As of 610 AM EST Friday...It`s finally the moment we have been waiting for over the past several days as the warm nose is beginning to decay and cold air is beginning to spill into northern New York. We have seen the boundary between snow and freezing rain advance about 30-40 miles over the past two hours and it`s just a matter of time until this line works into northern and central Vermont.
  14. Steady frzra our there currently from BTV....more frzra AND more snow , insane .NEAR TERM /THROUGH TONIGHT/... As of 1238 AM EST Friday...The forecast remains quite challenging tonight and had to make several changes based on the latest model guidance and observations. Thermal profiles on both the global and high resolution members show a +5 to +7 degree warm nose pretty much anywhere east of the St. Lawrence Valley. Because of this, freezing rain was added to the grids through the overnight hours with up to a tenth of an inch of freezing rain possible before the freezing rain changes over to snow during the early morning hours. As it stands, it looks like freezing rain will change over to snow between 14Z and 15Z for Burlington, 17Z to 18Z for Montpelier and after 18Z for far southern Vermont. Freezing rain amounts across southern Vermont have been increased to 0.25 to 0.40 inches in response the delay in precipitation changing over to snow this afternoon. Actually ended up bumping up snowfall totals across northern New York and northern Vermont based on the latest guidance. More information to follow in the routine update between 3 and 4 AM.