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  1. Another frigid morning up here. It looks like I'll be spending the weekend in eastern Quebec, this storm looks chase worthy!
  2. Yes! I rode up there in July with my wife, gorgeous area. https://bungee.ca/
  3. I feel it for the 10 seconds it takes me to run to my pre heated car (for 20 minutes lol) and that's about all I can take. It's too damn cold. Give me temps in the 10s and heavy snow and I'm happy
  4. About 22'' , we didn't have much snow on the ground before Monday's storm.
  5. About 5'' of new snow today and currently 6 F, up from -5 this morning.
  6. 18.8'' total for YOW, another 4''-6'' tomorrow. Amazing week of winter weather.
  7. YYZ is only reporting 9", which is strange as I have family minutes away posting pictures of cars covered. I'd say 20''+
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