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  1. I lived in southern MD at the time and got the dreaded sleet. Made me so mad!
  2. Who doesn't remember this monster?
  3. Felt it pretty hard in Southern MD. Lasted about 20 seconds. Pictures fell off the wall and drawers opened. Wow!
  4. i just told him that since I work here as Bob's weather producer. He was happy to hear that!
  5. Yes, they tend to be the favored climo areas. I am talking also on the rain snow line there can also be secondary maxes and someone along and east of I 95 might see just as much if temperatures can cool enough. Just a few thoughts that I have been thinking. Again, doesn't mean they are right haha.
  6. I have seen this so many times the heaviest precipitation and snow end up being along and just SE of I 95 along the rain snow line. In these borderline events it always seems to happen this way. Maybe I am wrong, but this seems like one of these cases. That doesn't mean DC north and west won't see any snow though!
  7. I think the NAM may do better with the temperature profile in this case since it is a mesoscale model which would help it better pick up on the dynamical cooling than the global models. That's my opinion at least.
  8. We all know this is a difficult field to get into. I have been very fortunate though as I graduated last year and didn't get one, but two jobs! What helped me get started was my internship at a television station. I wasn't sure I wanted to do tv, but I knew I did not want to do research because I was not good at the math. So I interned at a station in DC and then after searching for a tv jobs for 5 months after graduating, they offered me a job as a weather producer. I think much of it is luck, but I also worked very hard as an intern. At the same time, I was offered a job as a weekend meteorologist in Salisbury where I work now so I work 6 days a week and sometimes 7 days a week. Yes, it is hard and a lot of traveling, but I enjoy doing both jobs most of the time. I just keep telling myself that this isn't going to be like this forever and it is temporary. If you like it enough, you will find ways to make it work and again I think a lot of it has to do with being at the right place at the right time and having connections as well. Don't give up if you have your heart set on it. Most of my friends that didn't decide to go to grad school have jobs now so there are jobs out there.