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Historic Lake Effect Event?! 11/17-11/21


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10 minutes ago, Jebman said:

Reed Timmer is The BEST. I could get lost for hours watching his YouTube vids about this epic event. I see now why he is called The Dominator.

I have like 30 videos to upload I'm so sad I wasn't able to meet him. Was a 4 mile walk in this total and he left as soon as I got to the gas station.

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6 hours ago, SunWX said:

Long time reader, first time poster. Before I ask question I just want to take a moment and thank all the contributors to this forum over the years, its been a great resource for the big storms and I have learned a lot.

I have a friend who was going to drive from Montreal to Pittsburgh via I-81 and I-90 on Saturday (tomorrow) and I told him no way, as he would be driving along the southern boarders of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie (the wall of the storm). My question is, he agreed to postpone traveling till Sunday (normally a 10 hour drive) so do you think the highways in those hard hit regions will be open or clear by Sunday afternoon?

Personally I don't think so, but I was being optimistic if the Saturday night and Sunday morning accumulation is less than predicted.

I am the least likely person to answer but I looked up some maps and stuff when no one else responded. I can only say after what has been going on in Western NY and around Erie, if I were doing this I'd get on the highway running south from near Montreal and travel to near NYC and take things from there. 

I used to go from Williamsport to school in Pittsburgh, usually on the bus but my loyal "just a local driver" Mom went out  each year and came back to move me and my stuff in and out of the dorm. Good old Mom. The first time we took 80 and dropped down near Pittsburgh and realized that took too long. After that, it was 220 to 22, we picked up 22 around Altoona, I think.

I cannot say how much I would make sure I avoided anything near the collosal highway mess this storm is causing now and still will be causing on Sunday. Far better to go out of your way  but be sure you can keep moving at normal speed the entire way, especially if you are on your own. Hopes this helps you and your friend. 

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* WHAT...Heavy lake effect snow possible. Total snow accumulations
  of 6 to 12 inches possible in the most persistent lake snows.
  Winds could gust as high as 40 mph.

* WHERE...Chautauqua and Southern Erie counties.
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