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Central PA Summer 2022

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23 minutes ago, Itstrainingtime said:

Out of my 20 days at or above 90, most of them were on the lower end of the 90s until the last few. 95, 97, and now 98 today (so far) has been more impressive. 

Yea, my comment was for over here.  This has not even been close to a heatwave but you guys have been more scorched now.  

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4 minutes ago, Jns2183 said:

Like how? In camp hill we had 5.87” since June 1st. Going back to April I’d be about 10”. So 8 miles equates to a 300% increase in precipitation

. Pro

Maybe my records are off (I’m not a great recordkeeper) but a TON of rain events haven’t crossed the river. I could be missing some in April as I was so busy with work though. 

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