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August 9-12, 2021 Severe Threats

Chicago Storm

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Beautiful, but very tough to chase in except for a small area* which is manageable. Once you get into the Wisconsin River Valley, in northern Iowa/Sauk/Grant/Crawford Counties, fugheddaboutit.

Mad I probably could have gotten that tornado had I left for the storm about 20 minutes earlier, when I first thought it was starting to look interesting, but again, figured it would collapse (like it ultimately ended up doing) and really didn't want to get suckered further from home after what had already been a letdown of a day. At least from the point where I realized the storm was dying, I was like 20 minutes from home.

*Most of Dane County is relatively decent, except for the far southwest corner (which of course is where yesterday's storm tracked into just before it collapsed) and the immediate Madison vicinity where you have all the usual problems with metro chasing. Green/Rock, southern Columbia, Dodge, Jefferson and western Walworth Counties are OK terrain-wise, but southeastern Rock County into Walworth County the road network is really bad. Once you get into the Lake Geneva area, it's really bad trees lining the roads again. The rural parts of the far southeastern counties are OK, but you have limited space before you run into the metro areas of Milwaukee/Racine/Kenosha and then of course the big lake.

As I said basically anything along the Wisconsin River and the Driftless Area is horrible, which of course is where most of the best storms (including Boscobel) during this sequence have been.

The only significant tornado, to my knowledge, to track through that relatively small area of manageable chase terrain in recent decades is the Stoughton tornado of August, 2005.

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19 minutes ago, SolidBow said:

Major outages in Detroit Metro 550k people without power and counting. Storming most of the night. Got woken up this morning to another severe storm and a tree branch crashing in my yard.

My ex-wife lives in the same town I do, I have power and she doesn't. Lol

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Didn't have much wind on my side of the plant, but had a power flash and the east end of the plant is out.


Coworker got a call from his wife, had a pine tree fall on his trailer, caved in the kitchen so apparently had some wind with it, he's on same side of town as me but a bit further North. Fairgrounds probably took some wind, never fails during the fair.

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Well, that was a nice, intense group of storms here in southern St. Louis. Max gusts 70-75mph and the roar that preceded it for a good 2 minutes was fantastic. It's been a bit since I've had that much wind and near constant sound of trees snapping. 

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