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Central PA - Winter 2020/2021 Part 2

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I am back to post another comment about the murder-suicide in Plains Township.  Much to my surprise, the popular UK news website the Daily Mail has a second article about it today.  I see that yesterday's article got almost 3,000 comments.  I guess this story struck a nerve.  I won't include any quotes today; those of you who are interested can go to the linked articles yourself and those who are not don't want to read more about it.

Yesterday's article at the Daily Mail:



Today's article at the Daily Mail:



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29 minutes ago, canderson said:

Do you have a rescheduled flight? That's when we know we'll all get hammered with snow. 

No. There has been a change of plans and I will stay local. I do start the new job...yup...on Sunday, so this is why the snow is coming...lol.

Basically, after the flight cancelled, I had 3 more big bills to pay this week and it scared me enough to re-think the road. I'd have run out of money before I'd have gotten home, especially since a lot of truckstops are pay to park now at $15 to $20 per night. Add to that the fact that I couldn't even take all of my warm bedding and winter gear without adding $90 to the baggage fee, and I was kind of backed up to a wall.

I'm happy though. I do prefer being home daily, but most companies insurances weren't allowing me to come on board because of the bus driving. My water hauling former employer could and did.

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1 hour ago, Itstrainingtime said:

CTP has 4" for LNS for the expected accumulation for Sunday. It has 4" for LNS for the high end amount (10%) chance. I don't know if I've ever seen the expected amount be exactly the same as the high end amount...


Don’t worry, it will change 10 times between now & Sunday morning!



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6 minutes ago, TugHillMatt said:

How much would you say most of the Susquehanna Valley has left?

I'll probably be joining you guys the week of Feb. 15th as I hopefully (tentative of course) get to visit the family in Danville.

In lycoming county we have about 11 or 12 still on ground


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45 minutes ago, Wmsptwx said:

What is the threat next week? I don’t see much past Sunday, maybe next weekend I think?

The next threat is showing on all of the major models between Thursday & Saturday. Currently they show a snow to mix storm.
It will all depend on where the boundary sets up between the pressing Artic air and the ridging to  the south. Hopefully we are in the sweet spot for mostly snow, but plenty of time to go!

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