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  1. Looks like we just got upgraded to WSW 4-8"
  2. It was a rough drive at 3 am..Didnt measure but we had to have at least 2" of sleet.
  3. Yep just enough to make the roads bad and thats it...
  4. About the same here..didn't do a final measurement but I had over 2" with it still snowing.si maybe 3
  5. Really coming down good right now (big flakes) A little over 1.5" temp 16
  6. Nope not offended..Just arrived home from Florida (long drive) Coming home in time for the storm i see.
  7. Philipsburg? I thought you were in Huntingdon?
  8. Same here..very heavy flurries and the leaves are starting to get covered
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