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  1. I wish it was but had a rough couple months.. Was hit in the face by a rock during an Motocross Race..Busted my goggles. Fractured my eye socket, cheek bone, around my nasal cavity and above my upper back teeth (jaw bone) But the worst part is my eye has a blurry spot in the middle and my pupil doesnt work (always big / open) and the dr. said it may never get better. Other than that it has been good -lol.
  2. Clearfield bullseye on that Nam.
  3. Yeah it's been a rough winter for all...will take what I get and be good with it..
  4. 2.25 on that chair and roughly 2" or so in other spots...but it just switched to rain / sleet
  5. will measure but here is a pic from my deck.
  6. It's was coming down pretty good for a while...I live about 3 miles from there as the crow flies.
  7. Snowing much harder here now...bigger flakes. Temp 33 Think it will stay all snow here?
  8. The rates have picked up and its now sticking much easier.
  9. Ha i remember that...Still snowing but temp went up a degree and a little melting is happening now... So not as white as earlier.
  10. Steady light snow..Everything is starting to turn white (33 degrees)
  11. Me too...this was my first year buying season passes to Hershey Park. I couldn't have picked a worse time to start although I bought them last year.