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  1. About the same here..didn't do a final measurement but I had over 2" with it still snowing.si maybe 3
  2. Really coming down good right now (big flakes) A little over 1.5" temp 16
  3. Nope not offended..Just arrived home from Florida (long drive) Coming home in time for the storm i see.
  4. Philipsburg? I thought you were in Huntingdon?
  5. Same here..very heavy flurries and the leaves are starting to get covered
  6. Was thinking about going to Hershey park tomorrow (fri) Should i risk it? 2.5 hr drive one way.
  7. Roads were a sheet of ice this morning..
  8. Updated pic of the snowcover..Not sure if it will last the week.
  9. Bare ground starting to show in the yard. Lots of bare spots in the untouched areas and the grove sheltered with trees.
  10. Still have a solid snowpack where it has been untouched...but its fading fast. Pic taken 5 mins ago.
  11. Snowpack still holding strong here so far...pic taken around 3pm today.
  12. I stay in here and the Pittsburgh thread...I might have to check out the other threads for the drama (read only of coarse).
  13. Yes it has been a very good year here...The largest storm in 25+ years and never ending snow @ an inch at a time. Not sure but i will measure when i go out to plow.
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