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Typhoon Tip

Model Mayhem VI

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I'd say this weekend's ordeal has a shot at being the end of it guys ... 

We may have to deal with that sprawling cold high and overrunning thing that's out there middle of that next week, and I'm blind to that... but, just going by the teleconnectors and calendar awareness, these things sometimes are under-estimated as systemic changes at this time of year...  I could see the end of the month (after 10 days from now) significantly modulating toward spring.

That could change of course...but multiple days of +EPO/+NAO couple mass-field states with only a modestly positive PNA that's already suffered it's correction events in getting there... doesn't lend to protracting this song and dance indefinitely - 

we'll see..

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19 minutes ago, Whineminster said:

I feel even on Jan 1 Tippy starts saying the teleconnectors are showing spring, it's ok if you don't like snow, you can say it we won't judge

We did have a week or more of fake spring in Feb/ early Morch.

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2 minutes ago, Snow88 said:

Models also have a shortwave for the 23rd

Pretty healthy one as currently modeled.  Big interior hit but way too far out to worry. 

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