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  1. I went to the Panthers game in shorts and a t-shirt yesterday.  :facepalm:
    I took my boys to two games this year. We managed to find a way to lose both. Eagles and Falcons. It was a lot of fun, but we sure would like to see some wins. Maybe next year...

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  2. Event is overachieving here somewhat. Sitting near a half an inch now. Good soaking aerial rain. We need this once a week to make a dent in the dry conditions this month 
    Finished with 0.46” and our MTD now stands at 0.61” 
    What other type of rain is there besides aerial? Ground rain?

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  3. These reports out of SW NC are just insane. We've had off and on rain all day, and the heavy line just went through, but these totals and pictures are epic. So much loss of property but hopefully not lives. Thanks for all the updates and documentation of the event, mountain folk.

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  4. It's amazing the variety of responses to these vaccines. Pretty unpredictable. I had double Pfizer a while ago, and no symptoms with either. My arm has been sorer with the flu vaccine. My wife got J&J, and no side effects either. My good friend got J&J same day as my wife and developed Guillain-Barre. Three months in and still not back to work for him. It's a struggle to walk and grasp anything, with constant pain in his extremities. I hate it for him and his family. Despite his difficulties, he is still very much pro-vaccine and encourages others to not use him as an excuse to avoid it.

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  5. Freeze Watch issued for tomorrow night into Friday morning with a chance of higher elevations getting some snow tomorrow behind the cold front. An adjective Freeze looks likely tomorrow night with blustery NW winds and temperatures dropping to at least the upper 20's in the Valley. I would not be shocked to see flurries down in Maggie mid day tomorrow. 
    And after adjective freezes, we better watch out for adverbial droughts and prepositional storms later this month.

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  6. Yesterday's NWS forecast for MBY here in Hickory, NC, was for less than a tenth of an inch of rain today and less than a tenth for tonight.

    How's that working out? Nasso good.

    I am pushing two inches for today and a whole bunch more moisture still downstream...

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  7. 1 hour ago, jburns said:

    Feb. 27 eh.  Interesting. It can happen.  This was my backyard on Feb 27, 2004.  I had accumulated around four inches during the day but this is the 20” I ended up with after more than three hours of unbelievably heavy thunder snow. It wasn’t just rumbling thunder in the distance. Some of the flashes lit the yard like daylight.

    I could stand a repeat.

    That picture is a classic on this board.  One of the best...

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  8. Definitely a glaze now, but no danger of any significant ice accumulations. Temp has risen to 32.0. This thing is over here. Another WSW that proves to be a nothing-burger. The best winter weather we have had was the unwarned 2.5-inch surprise snowstorm we had in the middle of the night back in January. Go figure.

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  9. 53 minutes ago, Ernest T Bass said:

    So far this year, freezing rain really hasn't materialized along the I40 corridor southwest of the Triad.  I'm a little skeptical because of that, but sure looks like  Statesville to Hickory to back toward the foothills and mountains might be in trouble this time.   Hoping for sleet...

    I agree, @Ernest T Bass.  Nothing has materialized to any degree here in the Hickory area, despite the multiple possibilities of freezing rain.  But, this one feels different somehow...

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  10. Blacksburg just extended their WSW products to their southern tier of counties.  GSP, what say you?


    Winter Storm Watch

    National Weather Service Blacksburg VA
    159 PM EST Tue Feb 16 2021
    ...Significant mix of wintry precipitation possible...
    .A low pressure system will bring wintry precipitation across the
    Mid Atlantic starting on Wednesday night. Significant amounts of
    snow, sleet, and freezing rain are possible. The precipitation
    may start as a mix of snow and sleet on Wednesday night and
    change over to freezing rain for most locations by Thursday.
    Colder air could change the precipitation back to a mix of snow
    and sleet by late Thursday evening.
    Ashe-Alleghany NC-Surry-Watauga-Wilkes-Yadkin-Tazewell-Smyth-
    Including the cities of West Jefferson, Sparta, Dobson, Boone,
    Wilkesboro, Yadkinville, Tazewell, Marion, Bland, Wytheville,
    Independence, Whitetop, Troutdale, and Volney
    159 PM EST Tue Feb 16 2021
    * WHAT...Heavy mixed precipitation possible. Total snow and sleet
      accumulations of up to two inches and ice accumulations up to a
      quarter of an inch possible.
    * WHERE...Portions of southwest Virginia and north central and
      northwest North Carolina.
    * WHEN...From Wednesday evening through Thursday evening.
    * IMPACTS...Plan on slippery road conditions. The hazardous
      conditions could impact the morning or evening commute.


  11. 15 minutes ago, olafminesaw said:

    FRAM isn't a model, it's an algorithm that calculated true accrual of  ice. It tends to be much more conservative than just straight accumulation maps.This is why it's concerning, because it will account for the portion of the rain that's just runoff.

    Yes, it's one of the many "grayed-out" premium features under the Winter Weather tab for the various model suites offered on Pivotal Weather.

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