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  1. You the man! A 25K. With elevation. Nice. My boys run cross country, but I haven’t ran anything near that in a long time. Hike? Yes. Run? No. [emoji16] .
  2. Gotta love the GSP disco when the forecasters get creative. From this morning’s write up: “So, it`s safe to say that the period should be dry, apart from the outside chance of a little shower getting some traction Wednesday afternoon east of I-77...but this looks about as likely as my new kitten is to stop trying to eat the cord on my alarm clock (read: not likely at all).” .
  3. Line looks strong. How much will the mountains chew it up? Hoping it survives to give us some rain here in Hickory. .
  4. Very strong storm in Hickory this afternoon. Winds took down a couple of trees in my neighborhood, including one in my yard that went across the street. I’ve got good neighbors, though. We all pitched in together to get it cleaned up. Also, shout out to the City of Hickory crew, who were already here this evening to clean up stuff that we hadn’t gotten to and to haul it all off. Very thankful.
  5. Nothing in Hickory today after just shy of an inch of rain yesterday. .
  6. Yeah, we got 1.68 inches last night between 10 and midnight. The storm just developed over us in Hickory and stayed there. Very heavy rain producer. Lightning and thunder too.
  7. Got another quarter inch of rainfall myself this afternoon/evening. Heading to the SW mountains tomorrow for several days. West of Robbinsville in a few cabins with extended family. Should be fun. Plan to drive the Cherohola Skyway while out that way. First time doing that. Hope to do a few hikes off it too. .
  8. Buncombe is like the driest county in the state. Surrounded by mountains, they get downsloped no matter the direction from which the weather system approaches. On the other hand, Gorges State Park, just a few score miles to their south (in @rainforest backyard) is located in the wettest county in the state. There’s an excellent exhibit on this huge disparity in precipitation at the visitor center at the aforementioned state park. So, the paltry rainfall total at the Asheville airport for this system does not surprise me in the least. .
  9. 100% agree! I have loved this extended spring. We had a high of only 66 today. In Hickory. On June 21. Wow. Oh, and I am now at 4.21 inches of rainfall this week with more to come tonight and tomorrow. It has been quite wet.
  10. Agreed on both statements, and I have also greatly appreciated the duration of the event. While there have been significant downpours from time to time, most of our 3+ inches have been spread out over the past 48 hours. It makes it much easier for the ground to absorb and rebound. However, I know some of our escarpment members have had much more rain in shorter periods, so it might get pretty bad along the Blue Ridge before this is all said and done. @strongwxnc is winning the rainfall challenge right now, it seems. He's even beating out @Rainforrest!
  11. Hate to hear about the basement flooding. I know all about that from experience. No fun at all. We were largely spared much additional rainfall overnight. Cool, wedgy, and drizzly on tap today! May not make it out of the 60s in Hickory! That’s my kind of June weather. [emoji16] .
  12. We recently crossed the 3-inch mark IMBY for this system. The heaviest downpours were early this morning, though. .
  13. While it may be incorrect, it is also quite possible for rainfall values to be quite varied over a very limited distance. If you do have it under a tree, your data will definitely be skewed, but most likely through underreporting rather than over reporting.
  14. I will be interested to see this come to fruition. Regardless of the final rain totals, it does appear that we will remain much cooler than normal for June next week. CAD looks to be a definite occurrence. Can’t believe we are talking about CAD in June. [emoji16] .
  15. I ended up with 0.08 inch from the overnight batch. Not much at all.
  16. Now I can see our source of the overnight rainfall. =) @Met1985, you were right about the ones along the TN/KY border. Those seem to be migrating/rotating our way quite quickly.
  17. I have recorded 0.33 inch so far with light rain continuing, but the back edge is nearby. I don’t understand where the evening’s/night’s rain is coming from. Is this current disturbance redeveloping? Is the disturbance over western KY/TN supposed to make it here this evening? Where is the source of the projected showers/thunderstorms?
  18. 48.1 and 52.5 IMBY these past two mornings. Just amazing for June 9 and 10 in Hickory! I’m lovin’ it!
  19. Exactly one half inch of rainfall at our house last night. We were camping at Mortimer Campground in the Wilson Creek watershed this weekend. Fortunately, we only had a light shower in the campground. (I despise camping in the rain.) We had a group of friends fishing for the delayed harvest. Or, rather our kids were. Fishing for them opened at 6 AM. Here was our haul by 8:30 AM, when we packed it in. No huge prizes, but the kids loved it! .
  20. Just over 2.5 inches here in Hickory. We needed that rainfall, too. It had been dry. Like @Buckethead , I was loving and impressed by the cool temps. Such an aberration for late May. As far as I am concerned, I would love for these below normal temps to continue. .
  21. It’s been pouring in Hickory since a bit before noon. Radar gives no sign of it drying up anytime soon, either. I just passed the one inch mark since midnight after 0.61 inch for yesterday’s calendar day. Note: I always love the “It’s raining cats and dogs” message on the Davis Vantage Vue receiver. =)
  22. Yeah we had camping reservations this weekend in Seven Devils. Planned to hike Grandfather Mt on DBS today. NWS Forecast Thursday morning was 70% chance of rain on Saturday, with cool cloudy, drizzly conditions beginning overnight Friday and lasting through Sunday. We canceled or reservations. So, now it’s going to be a beautiful day and the rain won’t move in until Sunday afternoon. Go figure. .
  23. Umm, I would enjoy my April with snow, please. I would also take it in May, June, July, ... You can take your warm weather and shove it. [emoji16] So, I will cling to every last drop of hope for cold, even if it doesn't come with snow. 70s in July would be awesome. Sent from my moto e5 supra using Tapatalk
  24. ^ Soil temps? Check! Sun angle? Check! RAH playing all the hits in their disco. Sent from my moto e5 supra using Tapatalk
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