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  1. Hickory with more than Asheville on the HRRR? I better not have made the wrong choice. Nah, it’s good. Playing games with family, watching NFL playoffs, and waiting on the morning light.
  2. Spaghetti all around, it seems. Except for @Met1985. He’s going high class with the ribeye.
  3. Just finished some nice salad, spaghetti, and garlic bread here in Black Mountain. Currently 36/29. My mother-in-law liked my Vantage Vue so much that she picked up one too. So, all the comforts of home (weather-speaking) here too. =)
  4. At the in-laws in Black Mountain. Flurries started on Old Fort Mountain on I-40. Light flurry action here at their house too. Turned on the game and saw Chris Justus break in with those same maps @strongwxnc posted above. We are right on the western border of his 12+ stripe. He is much more bullish than is the NWS. Fingers crossed. Let’s get this show started!
  5. In laws reporting flakes in Black Mountain! Sent from my moto e5 supra using Tapatalk
  6. Packing up the car and getting ready to drive the family up to Black Mountain. Here. We. Go!
  7. Radar looking like it’s incoming to Rutherford County. Heads-up @strongwxnc.
  8. That snow map is “Total Snow” and would incorporate everything getting ready to fall in the western half of the state. Thus, it’s really big for the east, and the west is on the fringe. For now.
  9. Here’s the Panovich mid-morning blog. Really focuses on the Charlotte metro area. Moral of the story: ICE. Brad Panovich (@wxbrad) Tweeted: 11am Winter Storm VLOG 1/15/2022: The focus should be on ice and not snow. https://t.co/Bi23qKAXR6 via @YouTube #cltwx #ncwx #scwx #wcnc
  10. Here's GSP's latest expected snowfall map. Numbers going down for NW piedmont but remaining quite strong in mountain areas:
  11. Loving this point-and-click forecast for my in-laws outside Black Mountain (9-15 through Sunday...): That sure beats the one for MBY in North Hickory which has steadily decreased the potential for snow (3-5 through Sunday...):
  12. I like Panovich's in-house futurecast for western areas. Looks like snow for the mountains the entire time and a very long duration event:
  13. Yes! We have a "bollocks"! Now, this storm has officially been christened. Welcome back, @Bevo.
  14. I am very weary of NAM thermal profiles. They have tired me out completely today worrying about their significance. Thus, I'm also wary of what they are showing.
  15. Yeah, that was pretty horrific overall, even for mountain valleys. Only the high elevations looked good from the 3K NAM. The onset of precipitation was much later than with the other models, too. Ugh.
  16. I love my Davis Vantage Vue. Had one for probably 12 years now. Does great on temperature and rain measurements. Easy to setup and transmits to an in-house receiver with all kinds of cool graphs, measurements, etc. You can also use their software program to keep records and do whatever else you might wish to do with it.
  17. I would rather he bring the cold, if it’s all the same to the rest of you.
  18. The NWS didn't change much with their Expected snowfall graphic from 9:30 this morning:
  19. Oops. I was looking at 06Z 3K NAM. My bad. I erased my prior posts. Thanks for the new post, @wncsnow.
  20. The 3K NAM is anemic for Buncombe County... https://imgur.com/RmF3rsn
  21. I still like both Hickory's and Black Mountain's potentials, with BM looking very strong for 8+ inches. Sent from my moto e5 supra using Tapatalk
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